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   We all know that cold water filter kettle is filtered of impurities, then after drinking filtered water heating, then pour boiling water filter kettle can do? Let Xiaobian to introduce introduce it.




filter kettle daily how to maintain it? During use of the filter in the kettle, the kettle must avoid net body near high temperature heat source, such as cooker, etc., because the water purifier housing is a new food grade material, easily damaged by high temperature, can severely reduce the life of the net kettle; while also avoid net kettle from direct sunlight, because clean water jug 鈥嬧€媜f water exposed to sunlight breeding ground for germs, cause harm to human health, since the filter kettle afraid of high temperature, then pour boiling water filtered water bottles can do?


filter kettle is a home drinking water filtration equipment, economic conditions can not be installed for short stays or family be drinking water purification. Filtering particulate impurities in the water, plankton, and other built-in filter odor, and taste-improving water quality. Do not water may be filtered through a filter kettle, the temperature of a bubble, the inside of the filter cartridge may have failed, as to cool the water after it is filtered, but the water has boiled, which is already heavy metal scale precipitation in the kettle, the kettle was filtered through a filter there is no meaning.


filter kettle Product Category:


1, squeeze bottle filter: rely on manual squeezing generating power, the raw water through a cartridge filtration is achieved.




鈶?to filter pressing, i.e. by filtration achieved drink.


鈶?because of extrusion force is large, large volume of water.


鈶?small volume, and the bottle is quite common, portable use.


Gravity filter kettle 2: Water in the bottle to rely on gravity, the raw water through a filter cartridge to achieve the purpose.




鈶?limited due to its own weight of water, fresh water into the water to wait a few minutes before.


鈶?storage capacity, can be used to meet people.


鈶?because of the larger volume, inconvenient to carry. It can only be used as a family.


These are the small series to introduce the filter kettle of boiling water can not filter the content of the course in the future we must pay attention to this, it will be very easy to filter kettle with bad, if you want to Learn moreFamily drinking little knowledge, please continue to focus on Internet cafes.




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