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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Lequan Analysis: water purification agents and dealers to make money Road; household water purification agents how to resolve pleasure to continue to make money. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (0704--. 07 10) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   Hansi Dun water filter: good product speaks for itself

   a year into the summer, people the amount of drinking water will increase a lot, especially in terms of drinking water. A this time, water purifier market has started to enter the "season", buy a water purifier so many people. I understand that past couple of months, Hansi Dun star product - household water series has been in a state of selling. Regardless of the major stores, or Jingdong, Taobao, Lynx, sales are very good. [Click for more]

   clear spring: the reasons to join the popular home water purification agents

   With the increasing consumer demand for healthy drinking water, water purification industry has become a household electrical appliance industry "Red", which is why household water purifiers reason to join the popular agent. Some experts predict that the next five years, my countrys water purification industry will form a one hundred billion market size, industry potential. [Click for more]

   Lindstr枚m you resolve water purifiers stores decoration essentials

   frequent water pollution incidents, to protect the safety of our drinking water home water purifier acclaimed, a time of universal access to water purifiers. A lot of people realize this potential business opportunities, have chosen to join the water purifier to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. The water purifier to join, will undoubtedly need to rely on a physical store to get the trust of consumers, water purifier stores as consumers face the first-line terminal, directly determines the first impression of the brand consumers, it can be said is directly related to your future sales. Therefore, the decoration of this piece also need to have a lot of details that need attention, must grasp the perspective of consumers to think through the line decoration. Lindstr枚m water purifiers based on their years of experience, for you to resolve water purifiers to join the shop face decoration essentials, to spend money on "cutting edge", to achieve the desired effect of the decoration. [Click for more]

   Saul Division: How to choose a suitable water purifier

   With economic development, peoples livesIncreasing the level of the water purifier is in every household, it is filtered fresh, fresh drinking, no secondary pollution, etc. has been generally welcomed, many families in the decoration do not forget to install a home water purifier. But now on the market, all kinds of promotional packaging and proper nouns flood, when consumers buy, often pick dazzled, do not know what to buy for their own water purifier, you are not there such confusion it? Fast Check it out with me [click for more]

   Bin He purifier:! home water purifier to buy misunderstanding

   popularization of home water purifier more widely, face for a wide variety of water purifiers on the market water purifier brand, we had mixed feelings reassuring want to choose a water purifier product really is not easy. In fact, many consumers there are errors on the purchase. [Click for more]

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