Why drink boiled water

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   Why drink boiled water it? Actually, this is not small series introduces everyone knows.




morning my mom called me drinking water every day! I do not like to drink !! especially cool white open 鈫?thief difficult to drink ah! Who can tell me what to drink boiled water so what good is it? 2020-06-05 small series User requirements should answer this question why people drink boiled water?


nutritionists point out that, from the nutritional point of view, any sugary drinks or functional beverages not as good as drinking water is good for physical health. Pure drinking water to quench their thirst most likely to be metabolized immediately after it enters the body, it is off the temperature adjustment, to deliver nutrients and clean the inside of the body functions. Therefore, the experts called for the promotion of "drinking water sports." They found that after boiling natural cooling of cold water through the cell membrane most likely to promote metabolism, increase blood hemoglobin levels, enhance immune function, improve the bodys resistance to disease. People accustomed to drink cold water, high dehydrogenase activity in vivo, intramuscular less accumulation of lactic acid is not prone to fatigue. Survey data show that childrens weight was polarized current development trend, not too fat or too thin, it is said, too much drinking beverages is an important factor, appetite and drink plenty of drinks children, caused by excessive caloric intake due to obesity. Some children with poor appetite due to the impact dinner drink, due to insufficient caloric intake and cause weight loss. In addition, a large number of tonic drinks cause side effects either. Beverage harm artificial colors can not be ignored. Excess pigment accumulation in the body can interfere with the function of many enzymes, have an impact on metabolism and growth and development of children will be. Pigmentation attached to the tender gastrointestinal mucosa children, can easily cause indigestion. In addition, excess pigment is one of the factors causing ADHD. Therefore, it should advocate drink boiled water, drink beverages! The benefits of drinking water


how to drink boiled water to be healthy


raw water contains a lot of bacteria, and various impurities, detrimental to human health. So when people are drinking water will be boiling, so that we can properly kill some of the bacteria in the water, or is detrimental ingredients. But for how much water the degree burn can drink this issue, many people do not know. Just as long as you can drink the water to a boil. Xiao Bian remind you: but this view is not entirely correct.


According to the knowledge base of small household drinking waterDescription: After boil water can indeed eliminate some substances harmful to human health. But when the water boiled, we must continue to boil for three minutes in which the human body can be detrimental content of halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform decreased rapidly. This water is beneficial to human health. If the water contains other impurities may be eliminated by the use of home water purifier clean, to ensure safety of drinking water.




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