Open to health and Suez, General Electric signed a strategic

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   June 3, open to health and Suezs water technology and programs to achieve the strategic partnership, the two companies will be based on the needs of the water industry, water purification technology to develop the industry a hundred years of precipitation technology ported to home platform. On the same day, open to health entered into a strategic partnership with the US General Electric Company (GE) authorized and technology venture capital firm, providing a full range of GE brand water treatment products and services for home and business customers in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

   strategic Suez improve core technology level

   open to health is a global leader in water treatment technology and solutions provider with comprehensive multi-product line, its product line covers a home and many fields of commercial and other scenes.

   Not only that, the company also has sales channels of globalization, not only in the country has a sound distribution system, its products and services are sold worldwide in more than 100 countries and regions, with more professional committed to the net aquatic products and services to provide high-quality water experience for users worldwide.

   As one of the worlds largest water company, Suez has over 160 years of history, the worlds leading diversified water treatment technology, covering ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, electrodialysis, etc., in order to meet consumer upgrading diversified, complex scenarios and so needs to provide a comprehensive solution, and provides users with stable, efficient, long-lived experience. Suez especially nanofiltration membrane technology, is widely recognized in the industry, widely used in dairy products,

   beverage, pharmaceutical, sugar refining and other industries, is the industrys high-end customers superior choice.

   data show that Suezs 90,000 employees around the world on five continents. Its water and solid waste management solution that allows cities and industrial optimize their management of resources, improve their environmental and economic performance and compliance with regulatory standards. Suez total revenue in 2018 amounted to 17.3 billion euros.

   The partnership is the strong combination of water purification field. By working together, Suez open to help improve the health of its core technology, improve product quality and increase product applications. Open to use its health improve sales channels, we can expand the scope of product sales.

   GE strategic investment in new product development companies play the advantages of

   On the same day, open to US Health and General Electric Company (GE) authorized and technology venture capital firmEntered into a strategic partnership.

   General Electric (GE) is the global digital industry company, to create the machine by the software-defined set of intellectual interconnection, and to predict the response, efforts to transform the traditional industries. Global Knowledge exchange system "GEStore" so that all services share technology, market structure and intelligence, each invention will promote cross-border innovative applications.

   open to healthy Tie president said: "The Company and General Electric Company strategic partnership to bring world-class products and services to corporate customers, but also to better support open to health water treatment industry growth strategy and achieve a healthy open "let healthy water everywhere mission."

   GE authorized 鎵橀┈鏂竷鍒?Rato technology Ventures director, general manager, said:. " open to health is a world-class company based in China, is pleased with the open healthy cooperation, the GE brand of water treatment products to consumers, to better meet the demand from emerging markets across Asia. "

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