Solid ceramic mug poisonous it

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   solid ceramic mug can be seen everywhere in the market, many office location also use this white ceramic mug, then the solid ceramic mug poisonous?




Today, more and more people are concerned about food safety issues, too much negative news for consumers and even a bit scared, so with food-related topics are cause for concern with such as the recently there are many of my friends are asking solid ceramic mug poisonous? because the problem of drinking water, like food are very important.


In fact, whether ceramic cup ceramic cup solid color or color, porcelain generally refers to heavy metal poisoning them. If they can be released, it is toxic; can not be released, it is non-toxic. When heated to high temperature, which is deposited enamel chemical elements decomposed, it will release some of the heavy metal ions. But this time, its temperature has reached about one thousand degrees Celsius. So heavy metals are generally not released.


If you use the microwave, you need to pay attention to the color of the glaze can not be, because to do some heavy metal in the microwave will freed. Glaze color and glaze are no problem.


The method of judgment is not a simple glaze color is: Grossly hand touch, feel vitreous layer of transparent color in the following, and feel smooth, glaze or glaze color is; if slightly unevenness, is the glaze color.


However, in general solid-colored ceramic cup with respect to the harm it is relatively small, so that drinking water should always pay attention to small family knowledge, here you will learn what kind of cup to drink water the most secure, so that attention Very important.




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