Patio water purifier to impress consums with psonalized svic

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   "has just bought yesterday sent home water purifier manufacturers to install the master-site installation came today." Ms. Zhang received a good cup of fresh water through the Patio water purifier filter handed reporters elated to say, this is her purchase of a second Patio water purifier. In her view, choose water purifier brand, but a look at the product quality too hard; the second depends on service too, but off.

   and in the Patio water purifier installation master Lee opinion, although the water purifier appliances, but also a "food" products, the safety of drinking water relations of peoples lives and health, higher standards of food safety production, installation and maintenance in order to really provide consumers with good fresh water, healthy water.

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   good service upgrades fresh water home safely

   water quality problems are frequent, many consumers will end their hopes on water purification products. Water purification products exist Features "Three products, seven services", a separate water purification products can only be called "semi-finished products." In a certain extent, water purification products, service is even more important than the product itself. Once the service continued to lose support, experience, clean water safety will be impossible.

   It is reported that, in order to bring consumers the best water purification life, Patio at the same time continue to increase R & D investment, the enterprise service system has been further enriched and improved. Reporters learned Patio already in the country with more than 15,000 service outlets, and the establishment of a standardized CSM customer management system, detailed records of user information. It is worth noting, Patio also established a service call centers, customer service team of over 100 people 365 days year-round, reply, answer user consultation, the perfect solution because the market after-sales network coverage area expansion appears not timely follow-up problem.

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   "master installation Patio water purifier installed not only in great detail, and gave us a lot of talk about water purifier knowledge related to care and maintenance, telephone booking replace the filter efficiency and machine maintenance is also very high. "Beijing public Liu told reporters said in Patio stores, this time he came to the parents and then buy. Obviously, Patio efforts in terms of after-sales service has been recognized by consumers. Patio constantly upgrading our services software and hardware facilities, increase customer value from the starting point, the creation of a number of water industry services a new benchmark for consumers to create a new life of healthy drinking water.

   designed to strengthen the qualityNOTE convenient purification of life

   the urgent needs of the consumer water purification products make the water industry into a frenzy once, to today, consumer awareness of water purification products of a certain shift has occurred, water purification enterprises must transition from the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality. After-sales follow-up water purification products is very important, however, she left the high-quality products and after-sale will also be troubled. Therefore, improve product quality must be both at the same time and improve the quality of after-sales service.

   fundamental function is to filter water purification products, water purification, and Patio in terms of product purification efficiency upgrade at a large real time. Reporters learned that the Patio every year a lot of money, manpower and material resources into product development, the production line. With strong R & D and innovation strength, now Patio water purification products using advanced mass customization RO reverse osmosis membrane as a filter, not only has been a qualitative leap in the purifying effect, filtration accuracy of 0.01 nm, the filter life is greatly elongated without the hassle of frequent consumers seek to replace the filter after-sales service.

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   "As ordinary people, we usually can not control the use of water purifier, do not know when to replace the filter, do not know how to perform maintenance of the machine." One consumer said, If the water purifier manufacturers can follow the real-time subscriber usage water purifier or water purifier capable of displaying their own situation, the experience must have been quite improved.

   is exciting, Patio in this regard done a lot of efforts and launched a patented filter module of water purification products. Such products with large filter design, and can accurately control the filter usage and alert consumers to the timely replacement, which paved the way for the smooth conduct of service.

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   Market watchers said the service lag is one of the major bottlenecks of water purifier market development, but the product quality is also worthy of attention, in the water purification business, must be two-pronged consumer protection drinking water safety. Looking at the water purification industry, such Patio willing to wholeheartedly for consumers to create long-term health of the business life of drinking water are rare, excellent product quality, timely service in place, recognized by consumers makes sense.

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