The new small appliances brand by -aesthetic- gimmick difful

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   2019, the overall consumer electronics market development meet resistance, even in previous years, the amount has been received double the amount of small household appliance market, but also hard to maintain high growth. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) data show that the first half of 2019, small appliances scale of 28.88 billion yuan, an increase of only 2.7%.



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   In addition, the industry average price also fell sharply. According to Ovid cloud network data show that the first half of 2019, small household appliance market in addition to soybean milk, other category price comparison over the same period were lower, which fell 7.9 percent rice cooker, electric pressure cooker fell 9.2%, 3.9% decline kettle, and high-end categories such as cooking machine price is down 40.4% over the same period the price is almost half in 2018.

   the average price dropping, growth has slowed down, it is easy to see signs of small home appliances market ushered in the "fever" of. Therefore, the emergence of a new industry needed energy to drive up. For now, there are some brands of high-end products through the attempts to design aesthetic to drive the market.

   For example, brand new appliances Jya, according to the official introduction of view, its commitment to product evolution and technology with aesthetics, creating perceived product strength, people have a product aesthetic dream, to experience the real future life texture.

   In recent days, the press conference, held, released its mobius loop fan, Helix Desktop air purifier, convection heater and lamp four categories Sunbeam new products, including, convection heater is 1899 yuan, Sunbeam lamp 599 yuan. Is also not difficult to see through its publishing products and pricing, new product designs will be dominated by Jya trying to squeeze into the high-end small household appliance market.

   only the "United States" will be able to wake gradual cooling of small household appliance market it? I believe not.

   First, the "aesthetics" at this stage is difficult to reflect differences in ability.

   by Jya first launch of the new point of view, its products are mainly highlighting its style, but in fact, at this stage not only Jya, Bear, Del Mar and other small appliances are brand has a unique design style. In addition, the United States, Supor, nine positive and other brands also have a good progress in this regard. Easy to see in the small appliance market outstanding design, the pursuit of beauty has become a mainstream trend, coming brand is difficult simply toThis drive the industry forward.

   In addition, there is no objective measure of beauty in fact, is a unique and individual look and feel, often enough to become the core selling point to help grow their own.

   Secondly, practicality is still the key home appliances experience.

   as a function of the home appliance products, first of all to easy to use, durable, easy to use. Not only small appliances, household electrical appliances for consumers to buy the first appeal is practical, compared to actual experience can bring beauty to enhance even more critical.

   Finally, small appliances, high-end brands and technologies required endorsement.

   high-end small appliances can now order to drive the average price declining industry forward, but the price of high-end products are not only expensive to do, need to do endorsement brand identity, while accompanied by sufficient technical strength to better open up the high-end market, relying solely on design, aesthetics, the price is difficult to achieve the high-end.

   The author believes that only small appliances for the home appliance industry, declining in the background, need for innovation to drive growth, but the blind so-called "innovation" for the industry is difficult to play a catalytic effect and may even cause harm.

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