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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, home water purifier pleasure how to compete in China "rich handsome" market, love Guy water purifiers: the level of water purification business is that product differentiation, Oxford University teachers and students to go to clean water sources to carry out academic exchanges and so on industry events one after another . Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (3.20-3.26) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   Lays home water purifier how to compete for China "rich handsome" market

   In recent years, as Chinas economy development, the increasing problem of water pollution, and improved living standards, health concerns continue to rise, greatly promoted the development of the water industry; plus the healthy development of the real estate market, decoration ideas and then to water and electricity appliances gradually into the heart, making the domestic emergence of a new water purifier high-end market, then, this high-end market in the chase, the water purification companies how to force it? strategy to develop high-end industries do not a simple little things, must be a need high input of large projects, the need to innovate in response to changing consumer demand, this time, water purification companies to develop high-end strategy is very necessary. [Click for more]

   love Guy water purifiers: the level of water purification business is that product differentiation


   2017 water purifier industry has encountered a bottleneck, water purification equipment market is facing homogeneity, lack of innovation, we wanted to break the impasse we must innovate to differentiate their products production, research and development to create a water purification field "explosion models" products, to seek higher and further sustainable development, and water purification big brands have increased category, improve the product line as an important part of their brand strategy. Water purification products now has been accepted by consumers generally recognized, even become essential appliances. As people improve the quality of life, water purification products are no longer limited to purify drinking water, wash fruits and vegetables, shower bath, cosmetic whitening and other domestic water treatment products also emerge. [Click for more]

   Aipu Lan donated 100 sets of water purifier to Chenzhou in remote mountainous areas

   priceless charity, love invisible. March 21, 2017, organized by the Chenzhou City, Guangdong Charity Federation Weibo Technology Co., Ltd. Aipu Lan Division health care charity project donated drinking waterCharity gift ceremony was held in the city. Chenzhou City Charity president Pei Kang Yi, general manager Li Xuliang Aipu Lan, director Yan Hao, Aipu Lan Liu Shaoqiong Chenzhou service providers attended the ceremony, 10 Chenzhou municipal units media and new media reporters from the Volunteer Alliance for the donation ceremony I made a detailed report. At the donation ceremony, Guangdong 闊﹀崥鐖辨櫘鍏?Division donated to the City Charity Aipu Lan business cards AP501R Vertical straight drinking water machine 100, each worth 7300 yuan. [Click for more]

   Oxford University teachers and students to go to clean water sources to carry out academic exchanges

   March 15, doctoral tutor from England College, Oxford material, students line of 14 people went to the clean water source is located Huairou District of Beijing Yanqi zone film research and production base visits and academic exchanges. The delegation of China attach importance on water environmental safety, construction quality control construction of water and clean water source of innovation and R & D represents a highly recognized and expressed the hope that the future of the clean water source docking technical personnel, students internships in-depth discussion and cooperation. Vice president of Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. Zhao Fusheng film, Dr. Li Tianyu R & D center and a number of R & D project leader guided tour and took part in the discussion exchange interaction. [Click for more]

   selected AO Smith water purifier authorities maternal love safe drinking water

   Most domestic household tap water as the first choice of drinking water, but the water is easy to produce two during transport secondary pollution, simple boiling only sterilization, but can not get rid of heavy metals. Infants and young children as a special vulnerable group, accounting for body weight up to 70-80% moisture, even more than adults, for whom water is much more important, safe drinking water will be more urgent. So, buy a water purifier has become the first choice for people to protect the safety of drinking water. Currently the best choice for China to solve the heavy metal pollution in water is reverse osmosis water purifier [Click for more]

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