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   an apple tree, sat a small boy, trees said to the boy: "? We take a play with" the little boy very happy, crawling around in the trees, play the whole day and later, the little boy grow up, not play around trees and the tree was sad, little boy said to the tree: "Ive grown up, paying the money needed to build a house, take care of my wife and children." Trees did not say anything, let him put apples on the tree to get the market and sell it in exchange for money, letting the boys will take its trunk building, cover boy of the house and the tree leaving only stumps. Little boy to come back, come back is already to old age, the tree, said: "Son, I have nothing can give you." The boy said: "I am old, can not climb trees, do not need anything, just want to find a place to sit tree said:? "well, youre lying to me now. ? The boy sat down, lying on the tree body, quiet and fell asleep.


鍑€姘村櫒 缁欑埍浣犵殑浜轰竴鏉共鍑€鐨勬按

   it was yesterday when I saw the story deeply touched me. The tree is to the boys like parents, like us, responsive, happy as long as we can, to help us a little, parents very happy with their lives they love us, support our every decision.

   parents gave us life, nor angels in our lives, we just came to this world, attentive care, to accompany the growth, teaches us to speak a single word, step by step teach us to walk , a spoonful of chopsticks to eat ...... they will teach us gave our best within their capabilities, no regrets. Now, we grow up, parents bent backbone, what we can do for them?


鍑€姘村櫒 缁欑埍浣犵殑浜轰竴鏉共鍑€鐨勬按

   It would just graduated college and moved to Hefei, they go to high school roommate R. Just start looking for a job, everything is not particularly well, several interviews were inappropriate, then shuttle back and forth all day in the job market, hope for an early employment, settled early, but, always backfire. During that time, less and less money in his pocket, the mood is getting worse. "In this peace of mind to live, eat and drink on me, we do not worry" No matter how R consolation, that growing sense of helplessness. Once the interview, he suffered a thief, his money, mobile phones are stolen, instant despair, no regard for the image of crying in the street, completely do not care about other people cast eyes, until tired of crying, by a benefactor of the telephone call R, R one I was crying, put down a"Wait," he came up, hugged me and said, "I have it, we are not afraid."

   This is my girlfriends, forthright character of a sister, all these years, in my helpless, she was always there for me, and once, a friend said, "you both feeling so good, and if after getting married, separated how to do? "" No, we were married. "While said in unison under such words, but still no match for reality. Today, we are married, living in two different cities. Sometimes I think, so I maintain my love, now separated, what shall I pay you?


鍑€姘村櫒 缁欑埍浣犵殑浜轰竴鏉共鍑€鐨勬按 after

   to work, met her husband now, love two years, we get married, the wedding, we vowed to do in this life to rely on each other, hand in hand finish this life. Shortly after their marriage, we have ushered in a small life, the way she came to this world, it is people by surprise. Abnormal fetal position, amniotic fluid first break, no contractions, earlier than the expected date of birth, middle of the night by ambulance to the hospital, her husband tight all the way, at home, to see the water broke, scared to hit 120 home are unclear about the location of signature before surgery hands are shaking ...... near the delivery room, holding my hand in hand sweating a little, you know, when I was a baby, but the twelfth lunar month ah. Production house, her husband came forward, his eyes pan tears, said, "my wife, worked hard, thank you."

   years ago, my husband always feel uncomfortable kidney, went to the hospital and found stones, though not serious, but pay attention to diet, especially drinking water!

   water, yes! But we drink boiled tap water every day ah? finished consulting experts, we decided to install a water purifier, to improve our water environment.

   You know, the status of Chinas water pollution is very serious, drinking water monitoring Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Hygiene monitoring revealed, water quality has been very serious. 26 provinces, 180 cities and counties of the district, 43.3% of people drinking unsafe water.



   we have more or less around a few close friends, really love us. Whether parents give us life, or each other, hand in hand ride lover, also witnessed the growth or each other, all the way accompanied by a friend. They give us love, let us have enough power to exist in this world, there are enough courageGas was the face of gossip, have their own full life. For their health, please install a water filter it for them, to love you man a glass of clean water.

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