Water purification system pure wer out good in the end

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  Many of my friends hear when buying a reverse osmosis water purifier The shop model will be shook his head:!? I heard that the water is too clean is not good, not so pure water machine water in the end it really good 鍑€姘村櫒鍒跺嚭鏉ョ殑绾噣姘村埌搴曞ソ涓嶅ソ

   Shanghai a newspaper once drunk pure water endangering human health hazards generation title, talking about pure water, while another several influential newspapers are published in purified water is not only harmless, but also beneficial to human health, can be assured drink articles, a positive and negative, causing momentary strife.

   To solve the problem of the relationship between pure water and health problems, first of all we have to understand the role of water in the human body: First, food digestion, and second, nutrient delivery, the third is blood circulation, excretion of waste Fourth, Fifth, thermoregulation.

   First of all, we never heard a person in the absence of nutrients and vitamins, the doctors what the patient to drink water to supplement their diets. The body in water to extract nutrients and minerals is very small, 99% of the nutrients and minerals are obtained from whole grains, fruits and vegetables, chicken meat, eggs in. For example: cardiac molybdenum human nutrition, if you want to get through the water enough molybdenum, 160 tons of water to drink every day, but eat a potato melon, a handful of seeds to meet the needs of the body of molybdenum. As another example, the calcium content of a glass of milk is equal to twelve hundred cups of water, the iron content of a pound of beef is equal to eight thousand three hundred cups of water, a glass of orange juice content vitamin content equal to three thousand two hundred glasses of water; so people lack of nutrition, mostly through food supplement, rather than drink supplement.

   and organic minerals in water can not be directly absorbed by the body, only animals and plants absorbed by the human body and then eat the edible parts of these animals or plants, in order for the body to absorb. Life we 鈥嬧€媓eard the extraordinary lack of certain vitamins are used to supplement water method do not

   In addition, the United States water quality experts pointed out:?! Water for the main function is to promote the bodys metabolism, rather than minerals intake, body essential trace elements and constants, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, chromium, tin, silicon, vanadium dozen elements mainly from food, completely normal diet to ensure the effective intake of these elements. Trace elements generally low levels of food and water only provided primarily by iodine, selenium, fluorine three. Take iodine, the addition to the coast, many towns inland, the water indeed iodine deficiency is very common, but in recent years to promote iodized salt, iodine deficiency has been effective in improving the situation; Selenium content around the water vary, but selenium in seafood, liver, kidney, meat content or more, many plant foods also contain selenium; fluoride content in the water, although very low, but the content was tea Very rich. So, to promote iodized salt, usually pay attention to adjust the diet, develop a habit of drinking tea, can prevent this type of element deficiencies.

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