Ze Ling teach you how to make water purifiers long life

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who sports a long time will feel tired mind and body, a body of the wound will be deeply upset, but cells have self-healing function, as long as the attention to rest can be eased, wound place every few Japan will heal. But not the same machine, any machine only more maintenance will be more long-term use, it requires the users love, it is not self-healing capabilities. The same is true purifier, no matter how good the quality of care is good, or there will be a lot of problems on the way to use water purification effect will be greatly reduced. If properly maintained, even ordinary quality water purifiers use of time will be extended!

   water purifier how to care, how to maintain, Ze Ling engineer something to say.

   Ze Ling teach engineers how your water purifier appears that some common maintenance issues!

   1. The water purifier water production is not clean how maintenance?

   1) filter blocked or membrane rupture (replaced with new filter or membrane);

   2) results in the cartridge filter housing leaking water purification invalid (added O-ring in the filter housing interface);

   3) the original water pollution too high (prepend filter)

   2 reason purifier becomes small water production

   1) raw water pressure is too low (boost pump can be added);.?

   2) raw water temperature is too high or too low will lead to decreased production of water, this time should not use a water filter;

   3) water clogging (clogging of water cut or replaced with new pipes); [ 123]

   4) too serious water pollution original (first use a water filter in the primary filter after filtration);

   5) dirty water filter cartridge (filter cleaning or replacement of the filter) [123 ] 芦Previous 1 2 Next >>

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