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  Spent nearly twenty thousand to buy a water purifier to become a trouble publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-10-15 spent nearly two million installed water purifiers, did not expect to have burned out above the water float , as well as the bottom sediment. February 14, Millington, who lives in the town of Wang to the newspaper reflected his purchases of US brand "Paragon" water purification equipment, not only failed to provide clean drinking water, and after 10 times of debugging maintenance, the problem has not been resolved. He refund to a business, but that the problem is not the product, and therefore refused a refund. reflect: no effect of water purification equipment Mr. Wang said, in September last year when his house renovation, renovation work recommended to him American brand "Paragon" water purification equipment. After that, he spent 19,000 yuan to buy a "Paragon" soft water water purification equipment. But the use of just one week, he found that this water purification equipment is not clean water. "Other indicators do not know, but the most straightforward is that floating debris boil water filtration surface, the bottom there will be precipitation." Mr. Wang said, according to the manufacturers propaganda, the clean water, soft water to provide water purification equipment just as pure as clean water, but also to retain beneficial minerals, and purified soft water for bathing, laundry and so very good. Wang found that the water purifier filter water burned more long, the more obvious the floating debris and sediment, but also his once blocked a kettle, pot bottom left a thick layer of scale. "Last December 18, the family also found that filter the water appeared black floating debris, but to explain the business is activated carbon. Activated carbon is not the emergence of quality problems?" Mr. Wang said. Subsequently, Mr. Wang contact the merchant to resolve, merchants sent a maintenance staff came to re-commissioning maintenance, but before the issue is not resolved. Reporters from Mr. Wang and "Paragon" water purification equipment Lanzhou Liu, head of the micro-channel chats see that Liu is suspected of running water is a problem, and later suspected softener out of the question. Repairman replaced the Wang family of soft water, but did not eliminate the problem before. "Are 10 times the repair, maintenance workers have wearies, I do not want to give repair." Said Mr. Wang, Liu also promised last December 31, maintenance is not good to give him a full refund, but after but made no mention of the issue of refund. Experiment: floating debris and sediment is very obvious that afternoon, Xiao Bian came to the Wang family. Mr. Wang Sheng a pot of boiling purified tap water, not strange at first look, but not a few minutes, the water will be able to see clearlyA layer of white floating underwater will be gradually increased white precipitate appeared. Mr. Wang said he worried about drinking this water will affect health, the family are now afraid to use the "Paragon" purified water, but buy bottled drinking directly. Merchant: water samples ready submission to spend nearly two million yuan to buy a water filter is not clean water, what is the reason? Customers ask for a refund, why businesses who promise unfulfilled? The same day, Xiao Bian call "Paragon" Liu, head of water purification equipment, Lanzhou. Liu admitted that on the phone, the emergence of floating debris and sediment "should not normal" after using the companys product purified tap water to a boil. Liu said the company got from the Wang family reinstalling the replaced after water softeners, and found no problems, so he suspected the problem may be caused by human factors. He also said, hoping the presence of small series of faces, the Wang family of water purification equipment to get industry and commerce or quality inspection departments to identify, eliminate the human factor. As for the issue refunds, Qinjing Li said that if the product problems, he will refund, but later returned to the companys water softener to verify there is no problem, it will not refund. It is understood that, in the afternoon, merchants send maintenance personnel to the Wang family collected tap water, said to be detected.

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