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   water purifier which brand? Insiders tell you, buy you refer to these points! Drinking water security of Tsinghua University mentioned in the "Why must install the water purifier," a text "According to World Health Organization report, 80% of human diseases related with drinking water. Drinking families rely mainly on water, to ensure the safety of drinking water each family should install water purifiers.



   However, due to the water industry has no uniform standard, complex product, the brand is endless, dazzling. then, water which brand is good? practitioners more than a decade in the industry have suggested, should buy water purifiers from several aspects.

   1, wading document, this document must recognize health products

   must realize that when you buy your water purifier importance of quality drinking water health supervision and management methods;. to obtain health permits higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified , in line with the countrys "drinking water quality standards."

   2, the filter is equipped with the core

   filter is not possible, some low-end water purification products, there are seven or even promote high-precision filter 10, but they are simple filter material, the filtering effect may not be as strong a high-performance filter.

   real quality water purifier, filter it is generally of high quality carbon rods PP cotton + + + patent post carbon RO membrane, fresh water is added as a water purifier using the RO membrane Saehan inlet, membrane technology has pure water, prolong membrane life. both to ensure the purification efficiency, improve drinking water taste, and save for the core costs.

   3, perfect after-sale system is very important

   after many consumers buy certain brands, service or repair phone service companys address is not found, this situation, so that consumers are helpless, also caused a waste of resources, many water purifiers utterly useless; water purifier sale mainly in filter replacement, such as replacing the filter cartridge for long periods, it will pollute the water, water purifiers will become "water is." select water filter must choose the perfect after-sales service, such as miningTrack customer information with the customer service system, suggesting that customers and the company replace the filter and so on.

   drinking is a normal, healthy drinking water, it is an attitude. Lay the foundation for a healthy, starting to drink more pure water, open a new day of life could not be better with a glass of water.

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