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  Official propaganda

   2020 Shanghai International Exhibition of water to determine the extension notice http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 10:39 on May 22 Source: AQUATECHCHINA Shanghai International Water Exhibition T


   HC purification 2020 Shanghai International Network water show extension notice determining

   At the beginning of 2020, the avalanche of new outbreaks crown although disturbed Chinas social and economic order and peoples lifestyles, but also allow us to slow down and to re-examine their values 鈥嬧€媋nd uphold the shoulder social responsibility.

   As show organizers, exhibitors and visitors, the company always put health and safety first. Therefore, for the epidemic was made fast decisions and adjust the deployment, scheduled for 2020 will be held in early June 2020 Shanghai International Exhibition of Water also held promptly extended to the end of August.

   During this difficult period, the majority of exhibitors and visitors of our work high degree of understanding and active cooperation, so that the company encouraged the team from top to bottom and moved.

   in closely unite and make unremitting efforts the Chinese government and the community, the ravages of Chinas new crown virus has been effectively curbed, epidemic prevention and control work in the country has achieved victory.

   May 8, the latest State Council issued the "State Council to deal with novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism to work out a new guidance crown normalization of pneumonia epidemic prevention work," noted:

   " can hold all kinds of necessary meetings, conferences and exhibitions. "

   the latest guidance on the departments long-dormant exhibition industry is quickly ignited in the first half of this year, affected by the epidemic have been major exhibition of recovery, hopes to use 2020 the second half resume normal operation.

   maximum extent accommodated within the limited time and space to implement the spirit of the State Council, with government efforts to restore the exhibition industry and epidemic prevention and control work, the pavilion also began intense coordination with the organizers to stage each show.

   For the organizers, it will be a chain reaction in order to minimize the epidemic, and effectively protect peoples health and safety, ensure fair presentation and concept development effect standpoint, is the companys most important appeal.

   draw the focus! ! !

   After repeated communication and consultation with the multi-party government and pavilions, 2020 Shanghai ChinaWater will determine the international exhibition in 2020 August 31 - October 2 and the majority of exhibitors and visitors together again National Exhibition Center Shanghai (Hongqiao).

   Taking into account the vital interests of the majority of exhibitors and visitors, the organizers chose the closest time-out effort to maintain a stable rollover. Sincerely thank you for your long-standing support for the Shanghai International Exhibition of Water!

   organizers of the staff will do our best to help enterprises resume production industry return to work, to seek business opportunities for exhibitors, visitors find value in follow-up services, the whole industry chain to provide one-stop B2B truly meet the needs of industry professionals solution! To play an active role in restoring economic boom and social life in order.

   Notice is hereby given, please forward inform each other.

   Zhu Jiankang peace!


   2020 Shanghai International Exhibition of water to determine the extension of the notification




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