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   Under the joint drivers of consumer upgrades and real estate policies, the market size of my countrys water purifier continued expansion. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) estate large data monitoring shows that from January to February 2019, subject to market regulation hardcover house, refined decoration configuration of water purification products market continued to rise, the scale of which 33,000 product support, water purifier configured rate of 11.8%, an increase of 0.7 percentage points, showing a rising trend in heavy volume.


   However, in a tough economic market pressures, to gain a firm foothold in the water purifier market is not easy. Market and consumer water purification industry made increasing demands, especially in the service sector widely criticized.

   water purifier is not a one-time consumption of household appliances, but need to continue after-sales maintenance, replacement of consumable products. Most water purifier manufacturers only care about how to sell their products, lack of attention to after-sales service. Because consumers are not familiar with the product often overlooked replace the filter and the filter of this important link, leading to water purification effect is greatly reduced. Plus the sale charge details are not clear, opaque and other issues, criticized suspected of unauthorized charges to consumers. In addition, water service market, there are poor on-site experience, once and for low and many problems to be solved.


   As one of the pioneers of China to enter the water industry, the importance of service standards for the water industry group knows Patio. April 25, Patio joint China Household Electrical Appliances Service Repair Association issued a "home water purifier service standards", for a range of service issues needs to be improved presence on the market at present, propose and establish a standardized after-sales service system.

   At the same time, also officially announced the launch Patio Patio "net plus services" brand in the Chinese market, adhering to the "not only solve the water problem, but also to take the extra step to solve your problems," the service concept, provide consumers with fast, transparent, professional and standardized services, so that consumers get the best experience of the whole process, and start the pilot project in Shanghai, the country radiation.

   According to internal staff revealed Patio, Patio establishment of the "Shanghai Demonstration Center" is the first pilot units plus net services, the standard of its service center above the "home water purifier service standards," the service industry requirements, giving consumers more professional, detailed and standardized services.For example, after-sales service requirements Patio net plus 1 hour response personnel must make an appointment, 16:00 before the call, the day the door for users to solve problems, and hold the necessary health certificate, professional certificate for employment permits double, with strict mechanisms to protect professional service degree, improve the one-time resolution rates.

   Patio Group, who also said: "The extra step is a core value plus net Patio services, we hope that the more personalized value-added services to users the best after-sales experience, such as ground inspection, safer electrical environment; examination kitchen under water, avoiding water hazards; sink clean, pleasant to the user experience and other services, and users to establish a good relationship. "

   concern among consumers. on the charges, Patio clear the external publicity of services, products, accessories and supplies fees. All service personnel during on-site service, For a fee in advance to be presented to the user fee and the users consent. Carried out at the users consent then the standard fee-based services, so that charges standardization, transparency.

   "In recent years emphasize water purification services louder, part of the reason behind this is that the homogenization of water purification products in the market trend accelerated, prompting brands to focus competition from products to the product + service, competitive differentiation and began to emphasize service. Patio net plus service brand building, in standardization, specialization, based on the emphasis on one more step, giving consumers more intimate, more personalized service, already formed a unique differential advantage in the industry, accelerate the overall layout of clean water services market. "Chinas home appliance industry experts said comments.

   (article Source: HC clean water network, invasion deleted)

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