Pursue the development of thwholhouswater purification roado

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   pursuit of healthy living quality, safe drinking water is a basic demand. Consumer demand for water purification equipment, and promote the rapid development of the water industry in recent years. Now, with the popularity of the consumer to upgrade drinking water and health concepts, changes in market demand POU growing single water purification products can not meet the high standards of clean water requirements of the people.

   So how do we protect the full range of household water security?

   or the whole house water purification will become a trend.

   whole house water purification system can purify the water the whole house of all places kitchen, bathroom, balcony, living room, family meet daily drink, eat, wash, bath, a full range of water purification needs. With its detailed functional area with water and reasonable water resources allocation of the net, whole house water purification system has gradually become the mainstream trend and family health water.

   According to industry professionals, analysis: whole house water purification system is the future trend of consumption upgrade, but also a symbol of household water quality. Water purification technology to upgrade the current market direction should be a high level of water efficiency, small size large flow, water heating integration, filter upgrades, and product development trend is the whole house water purification program.

   However, the water purifier penetration rate in Chinas far and abroad, consumers generally low awareness for water purification products. How to let consumers access and experience the charm of the whole house water purification system, the future of research difficulty of each Daquan house water purifier brand.

   So, how to solve the business pain points, form the correct consumer awareness?

   2019 Beijing International Water Exhibition or will be answered.

   2019 Beijing International Water Fair grand opening will be held 4-6 December 2019 at the China International Exhibition Center (Jing Zhuang Hall). This exhibition insight into industry trends, jointly with net, double net city two institutions, the new building "whole-house and commercial water purification Marketing Summit 2019," Focus "whole-house and commercial" clean water, water purification industry to explore new directions for the future .

   The meeting will be held December 4 in the morning in the village hall on the 2nd Jingan Hall conference room, master invited China Building Materials Circulation Association indoor purification Services Committee Xijia Min, China Household Electrical Appliances Service Repair Association Water Treatment professional Committee of Deputy Secretary-General Huangyi Song, China international Science and Technology Association of water and air purifier special committee deputy secretary-general Zhang Xudong, Chinese Center for disease control and prevention researcher LI Ya-Dong, director and other well-known industry professionalsHome, on the "whole house water purification 13 Marketing Tips", "large-scale water treatment design and marketing Collection," "water purification industry, regulatory interpretation," "whole house water purification resolve the pain points and Case Studies" and several other topics, share industry new technologies and enterprise business management, from different angles, different dimensions to interpret objective professional to help businesses and visitors at the same time understand the existing problems in the industry, indicating the future direction of the water industry, water purification industry into a virtuous help health the right track of development.

   The meeting site will be selected 2019 annual outstanding manufacturers and dealers, by the secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Service Repair Association Professional Committee Zhao Yue super-site water treatment award, and actively establish a benchmark for the industry to show the outstanding companies and dealers style .

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