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   as a water purifier small household appliances, is now slowly being accepted by all, the role of water purifier we can not deny. Recently, however, we often see a number of businesses exaggerate the role and function of water purifier. To avoid everyone fooled, we must remind everyone not to blindly believe purifier tagline of some businesses.



   First, a home water purifier played a role of purified water, tap water is sterilized by filtration after water plant, although the domestic water has reached the standard, but can not be used direct consumption, in addition to the water will contain some chlorine, and then transported through the water pipe, and the water pipe for long periods of cleaning, rust and will cause secondary pollution of water. If we installed a water purifier at home, it can once again tap water filter to remove chlorine and water secondary pollution. Improve water quality and taste.

   Some businesses in order to increase sales of water purifiers, water purifiers exaggerated features, and some even say that the filtered water through the water purifier remove dark spots, anti-sun, the treatment of athletes foot, high blood pressure, oral disease, trauma, and other magical effect, so to say, not into the water purifier "artifact" of the. Some businesses say there is more water purifier anti-cancer and prolong life effect. I really do not know when the water purifier has such a function, we should definitely not believe it. Using household water purifier filter water, we can improve the bodys health index to a certain extent, there is no effect of the above said skin care, anti-cancer.

   at the same time it also called for the merchant, can accurately describe the function and role of water purifier, do not casually exaggerate its function and role, let consumers misunderstood, so leave a very bad impression in peoples hearts for subsequent promotion of the brand itself will bring a great negative impact.

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