Strengthen the construction of deeping line, Tim net water

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  Strengthen the construction of deepening the line, Tim net water purifier to meet the new trend of 2017 Author: Tim net water purification Views: 519 Published: 2017-3-15 10:11:12 Many external factors contributed to the rapid development of home water purifier industry such as consumer awareness of safe drinking water is getting higher and higher, such as the proportion of the middle class continues to expand, a number of factors driving the water purifier market gradually develop in the direction of the internal structure improvement. 2017. This trend will be fueled water purifier market. 鍔犲己娣卞寲绾夸笅寤鸿锛屾伂鍑€鍑€姘磋繋鎺?017骞存柊瓒嬪娍 2017 retail sales of water purification equipment market, retail sales will reach 13.43 million units, 34.1 billion, an increase of 12.4% share, 22.6%, water purification equipment market is still the best growth category of the appliance industry in 2017 One. In general, companies in achieving technological upgrading of water purification products, but also pay attention to after-sales service guarantee. Over the past two years "will wander off" form the majority, leading to negative perceptions of the water industry in some areas. So, while strengthening corporate practicing internal strength of after-sales management in order to win back the hearts of users. Tim net water purifier, deepening the channel to strengthen the dealers business lines and construction, with more professional sales and technical training for dealers to win more trust, in 2017, Tim net water purifier to meet new trends.

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