Ultrafiltration water purifiers use encount any problems-

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  Core Tip: [hyperlink] net ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier water purifier for home installation is no stranger. But how ultrafiltration water purifier that maintenance is a lot of people do not know, Xiao Bian gave you today to

   [hyperlink] net water purifier ultrafiltration water purifier for installation net water is no stranger to the family. But how ultrafiltration water purifier that maintenance is a lot of people do not know, Xiao Bian gave you today to take stock of what those questions about the use of ultrafiltration water purifiers often encountered and solutions.


   UF water purification works

   When the liquid in the water purifier ultrafiltration under pressure flows through a membrane surface, which the surface of the dense membrane pores allow only water and small molecules passed into the permeate, and we all know the volume of liquid is greater than the pore size of the membrane surface material were trapped in the inlet side of the membrane, become concentrated solution, thus achieve the purpose of separation and purification of the concentrated stock solution. Further per meter length of yarn membrane wall about 6,000,000,000 0.01 micron pores, a pore size allowing only water molecules and minerals and trace elements useful water through, whereas the volume of small bacteria are generally 0.02 m or more, bacteria, and thus much greater than the volume of the rust bacteria, colloids, suspended solids, silt and organic molecules so can be trapped down the membrane, thus enabling the purification process. The

   Water trade deficit advanced membrane tube, under the action of water pressure, the dense surface of the microporous membrane allows only 0.01 microns of many water molecules, minerals and trace elements useful permeation becomes purified water . And bacteria, rust, colloid, sediment, suspended solids, organic molecules and other harmful substances were trapped within the membrane tube, the ejection flushing when the water purifier ultrafiltration membrane.

   1, ultrafiltration water purifiers little water or no water how it is?

   If this is not the first time the use of water, and there are water intakes, water that is install the wrong order.

   Solution: re pipes disassembled, and then re-installed in order to install the specification The ultrafiltration water purifier.

   If the water is not used for some time, or a sudden decrease in the amount of water, it is much more likely to clog pipes or filter clogging.

   Solution: If the pipe plug, plugging portions cut directly orIn other pipes; if filter blockage, then remove the filter, wash with water; if the amount of water after washing is still no change, you need to replace a new filter.

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2, ultrafiltration water purifier water turbid?

   to the drinking water ultrafiltration water purifier, it is important determining factor is the filter part, poor quality of water, must be filter failure.

   Solution: promptly remove the filter and clean, if re-used, the water is still muddy, represents the filter life has reached its limit, it must be replaced with new filter.

   3, ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier loud?

   At present many types of water purifier market, there is electricity, no electricity, as well as ultra-quiet. If the power of the water purifier in use, a slight sound, is a normal phenomenon, it is a water purifier pressure inside the pump during operation. But if the sound operation of water purification products when suddenly became noisy, that the problem appears inside the machine accessories.

   Workaround: Stop immediately clean water, the water purifier disassembled to see the internal parts Any damage occurred, then erase the dust inside the machine, replace damaged parts.

   Further purification during use of the product, if properly maintained understand ultrafiltration water purifier, in addition to help purification effect, but also can extend the life of UF water purifier.

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