Water also has the shelf life of thresteps ach you aly drink

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You know what? We are daily drinking water is also a shelf life, I believe that many people do not know it! If you drink excessive bacteria in the water can easily lead to symptoms of gastroenteritis, diarrhea, this the reason why some people!


water as well as the shelf life of


for healthy people, the bacteria exceeded a long drink of water, "Kou cold water are diarrhea," the body is a subtle influence, the longer the accumulation time, the impact on healthy performance was more obvious. Because:! Shelf life of boiling water in air only 16 hours; the number of E. coli expired contained in the water than the standard


Water experts, if analogy, then, year after year is not fresh drink of water, just as year after year to eat food containing additives. If you do not pay attention to the little daily details drink, the bodys healthy environment has been destroyed, it may become increasingly poor physical fitness.


So, when you appear tired, decreased immunity and other conditions, at the same time pay attention to food hygiene, but also to check their water to drink was right, do not let their own health every day a glass of water eroded away.


Step drinking details: Hot water - boil three minutes the water quality is most healthy

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