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   HC purification water network is the source of life has been around us surround these words from the great, the teacher also taught language in the public service are, our lives can not do without water, people can not eat a few days, but not a few days without water, water like cleaning up the cleaners every organ of our body, to the role of metabolism, but you drink the water really clean? Tap tap water to put out the boil really can not refer directly to the problem?

   We all know that tap water contains a small amount of bleach, as well as the scale, do not know in fact there are still filtered tap water a lot of other impurities Oh, normal simply will not work, this time you need a product to to solve this problem, the emergence of a water purifier to solve the problem of unsafe drinking water everyone, but a wide variety of machines available in the market, youre really going to pick, would you choose, remember the following points, effectively avoid the pit!

   1. Select a product depending on the environment

   water quality in each area is different. In the industrial city, water pollution is more serious. Therefore, when choosing a water purifier, it is necessary to choose a better water purifiers. If necessary, you can choose to cover the whole house water purification scheme more water purifier. Of course, if serious heavy metal pollution in the area, so when choosing a water purifier, you need to select a reverse osmosis water purifier to filter heavy metal ions. For mild light city water pollution, when selecting the water purifier, the filter may be selected lower precision ultrafiltration water purifier, which is more affordable. However, the water quality is selected according to the water purifier is a basic choice, it can not be generalized.

   2. Follow wastewater than

   In fact, the net capacity ratio indicates the waste water purifier. The higher the ratio of net waste, water purifier, the greater the effect. In general, the net waste than conventional water purifier is 1: 3, and the net waste water purification ratio is preferably 1: 1, or even 3: 1. So, if you do not know how to judge the quality of water purifier, you can be judged according to the proportion of water purification and waste water, waste water higher than the more water-saving machine.

   3. The filter is very important

   in a water purifier, water purifier can really play the role of the filter is that it is the core of the machine parts, water filter needs to be replaced regularly cartridge. If a businessman said his water purifier filter does not require replacement, to be sure his water purifier out of the question. In addition, the choice of water purifiers, pay special attention to the quality of the filter, as well as the cost to replace the filter cartridges as complex choices, little needs to be replaced, do not be so complicated.

   4. Services

   Do not believe some of the businesses in order to sellers hype, promises you install the package, is getting the machine tells you are not covered, or machine problems can not be on-site processing, maintenance becomes very troublesome, select some big brands, Genius, the best there is a local service station, it will save a lot of unnecessary trouble, say I do not want to waste time at the top.

   5. Do not cheap, heavy quality

   A lot of people like cheap, cheap things to see on the walk road, a few hundred dollars of the water purifier and thousands of dollars What difference does it make water purifiers, first of all the first point, you use a few hundred dollars you are comfortable in Figure hearts tell myself, I use a water purifier healthier, in fact, impossible to achieve the purifying effect, there the main difference comes from the machines filter, cartridge filter after the poor quality of water, not only from purifying effect, or even play on the body of harmful ingredients, how to avoid being cheated, requires businesses to provide relevant test reports, these reports do not theoretically sale is not permitted.

   to his family and his health, do some homework before buying, in fact, you can avoid pit, water purification industry there is a unwritten rule, had no water quality problems can not return, do not let to make their own shopping experience regret, it is necessary to choose the right option.


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