What is borosilicate glass

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   Borosilicate glass is also known as a hard glass, borosilicate glass for all further not very familiar with, such a glass having a high temperature, high strength and hardness effect the glass material.




When we use glasses, depending on the type of glass is more, many people are not very familiar with the different glass material is selected differ of. When buying glasses, we are confronted with an array of glass is also not start. So what is borosilicate glass it? Borosilicate glass is also known as hard glass, glass under high temperature, conductive properties of the glass by melting glass to achieve internal heating, is a advanced processing technology made of. Below please explain in detail for everyone.


Application of borosilicate glass in the field of solar energy which is more widespread, especially among the advanced countries, which will use borosilicate glass. In recent years, glass applications this material is more extensive, and we usually drink when drinking glasses will be more, so the borosilicate glass is one of them, because this glass will be lower than ordinary glass density, permeability is a good glass.


as high borosilicate glass with water acid properties, so at home and abroad, are widely used for heat glass, heat-resistant glass, but in general is not necessarily true of borosilicate glass used for when we must pay more attention. Borosilicate glass having a very low coefficient of thermal expansion of high temperature, rapidly changing the temperature difference of 200 degrees. Borosilicate glass for halogen reflector lamp cup and heat must be heat-resistant glass of electrical equipment, such as glass turntable microwave ovens, microwave lamp, stage lighting reflective cup, the drum washing machine observation window, tea cup heat, solar energy collector heat pipe.


because of the high cost of borosilicate glass is more expensive, but it can meet international safety testing standards of environmental protection, for ordinary people, the future of life, we use glass, future development will be more safety and health. Here to remind you, is more extensive use of glass, different glass we also need to pay attention at the time of purchase of its safety and health, you can learn to identify glasses, drinking small family learned more knowledge to be able to good use of glass.




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