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   At present, due to the water purifier market in the bonus period, a lot of the endless stream of small water purifier brand is also developing, these puff brands under various false concept, consumers are very easy to fall into the scam. Therefore, when consumers buy water purifier, we must recognize the following two points.




purifier core function is optional purification see their needs (picture from the network)

   1, the core function of the water purifier water purifier

   water purification industry as a sunrise industry, a good development momentum in recent years. Industry experts pointed out that due to the low water industry barriers to entry, resulting in a cleaner brands currently on the market was mixed, uneven quality, the concept of flying the industry chaos.

   By contrast, currently promote a wide variety of water purifier. The "activated carbon", "microfiltration", "ultrafiltration", "reverse osmosis" and other technical terms as a promotional focus on "technical school"; also focus on propaganda "ion-activated water", "mineral water", "small molecules "the concept of water and other" water quality school "; the more high-profile hit" Beauty "," freckle "," magnetic "and other signs of" physical therapy school ", so that consumers like falling mist.

   In response to this phenomenon, experts said, is the water purifier water purification equipment, to help filter the water masses of bacteria, viruses, organic matter, heavy metals and other harmful substances, ultimately, the relative security of pure water. Water purification machines do not have the beauty, medical treatment and other effects, consumers should not be confused eyes gorgeous understanding of some businesses, the purchase should be careful scrutiny.

   2, the different needs of different water purifier

   Chinas vast territory, north and south obvious differences in water quality, water purification experts noted the need to buy different products for different water purification water quality, in order to drinking achieve the best results.

   On the current water purification technology is concerned, the market is relatively popular household water purifier core technology, there are two, RO reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane technology. So these two water purifier in the end what is the difference, the difference between what it? Ultrafiltration water purifier filtration accuracy of 0.01 microns, and RO membrane filtration precision 0.0001 micron difference is very large. Ultrafiltration water purifiers can filter some of the larger impurities, such as sand, rust, suspended solids, such as E. coli, but it handles a relatively large amount of water to meet the vegetables, wash rice dishes and other kitchen use, if the membrane enoughLarge, it can also be used as a central water treatment. Heavy metal ions, calcium and magnesium ions, radiation requires the RO membrane as the core to filter the household water.

   drawbacks household water treatment water is relatively small, the amount of water slowly. However, due to the high precision filter water machine, it can filter out all the dirty substance, leaving only pure water molecules, get healthy and safe drinking water, it can be used to meet the family to drink, tea or even soup cooking and other needs .

   When consumers buy a home water purifier, should be appropriately selected depending on the environment they live in and the extent of water pollution in the region, in order to allow the water purifier to play it for maximum effect.

   Therefore, the water purifier is not as magical as some businesses boast, and its core is simply to purify water, provide health and safe drinking water to people. Friends consumers in the purchase, be sure to remember.

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