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usage and Guangzhou city water purification products has reached 15%, China water purifier market overall utilization rate of about 3% to 5%, with the United States and Europe reached 70% -90% utilization compared to our water purifier utilization is still low.


water purification products in my country has broad prospects for development, water purifier company and products is growing rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, my countrys household water purifiers regular production enterprises have more than 1200, of which more than 900 have been acquired companies issued by the Ministry of Health permit this document, in addition to more than 300 companies are applying for relevant document. Our annual production and sales all kinds of water purifier more than 10 million units. Water purification products brand, large price differences, uneven product quality, next to the concept of mixed publicity, lack of after-sales service guarantee. How do consumers a reasonable choice.


First, according to "drinking water health supervision and management approach", the production of drinking water hygiene and safety products related to the units and individuals must apply as required to the government health administrative departments for product hygiene license documents to obtain after the approval document before production and sales. Water purifier products should be strictly in accordance with the requirements, sales of wading products are above the provincial level health permits this document and this document is consistent with the product model. *** No. 2 water-word or Beijing No. **** *** The water-word (*** 2). Consumers can by the Ministry of Health or the provincial health bureau website can check whether the purchase of a water purifier is approved.


Second, have occurred along with pollution incidents, water purifier but also into more and more Chinese families. Now water purifier on the market are microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are several,


in which the filter effect of reverse osmosis water purifier best, can actually filter out heavy metals, make drinking water safer.


Lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium (hexavalent), arsenic purification effect of product quality criteria have become the water purifier. According to the China Consumers Association on 12 kinds comparison test water purifier products on the market, water quality and hygiene, volatile organic compounds removal efficiency in line with indicators (including undocumented products). To filter out impurities in the water, chlorine, alkaline water, harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria has become a basic requirement for a water purifier.


Third, consider the maintenance and service of the water purifier. To ensure the water purification effect and prevent secondary pollution, water purification machine maintenance and after-sales service is very important, especially to be rated according to the total net amount of water the water more timeChange the filter. Previous manual calculation of net water inaccurate, currently available on the market with a "smart multi-stage filter replacement indicator" function of the product, to show the life of the filter at all levels in accordance with the actual use of the user and prompts the user to actively consider replacing the core classification to ensure water quality and safety. At the same time, pressure instability in different regions, different floors produced can make a big impact on the life of the machine, consumers can choose the product with the "high standard pressure" performance, in order to ensure that the water remains safe, durable machine.


Fourth, consumers do not believe the merchant exaggerated, false propaganda. According to the Ministry of Health, water purifier not allowed to add functional materials, also do not allow other functions in addition to the role of clean water, do not allow any efficacy of treatment of diseases. So do not believe that consumers see when such claims.


Fifth, heavy shop around "of price." To read the instructions carefully, pay attention to water flow, the nominal parameters of the total net amount of water, apply pressure, combined with the life of the sales price situation, taking into account the price of the filter, choose a good brand, high performance and low cost products.

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