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   September 10 morning, sponsored by the China Consumer Association Second purifier consumer science education charity was officially launched in Nanjing. Leaders and experts as well as head of the National Consumers Association, more than 50 local organizations from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Council Development Research Center, and other relevant professional bodies participated in the first to held in Nanjing, "Perceptions and - we talk about consumer water purifier "forum.


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   Patio and other industry leading brands of nearly a hundred people attended the event ceremony, the popularity of consumer water purifier, Perceptions and enhanced services advice. At the meeting, Zhejiang Patio Water Treatment Technology Co. assistant general manager Zhao Changqing made a statement, and was interviewed on issues of interest to the media.

   Q:? Patio has been focused on water industry, do you think Patio play what role in the development of Chinas water industry has been focusing Why Patio water purification industry, but did not choose becoming the comprehensive development of multi-category of

   a:? Patio water purifier as craftsmen in the industry plays the role of guide and advanced persons. Patio been encouraged to go do their own thing, not outside interference, combined with Chinese peoples habits do a lot of pioneering work, for example, we are ranked first in the number of outlets, we are the first water purifier get the store to sell, we have obtained very authority of the national Science and Technology progress Award and other awards, which have proved Patio is the industry leader.

   in the process of development of the industry, Patio also face many temptations including real estate, but we insist on the improvement of human health drinking water in mind, multi-category integrated development path no choice but to concentrate on, professional experts three "special" as a place to settle down fundamental, and strive to be the most professional in the field of water purification. In the past, we did not leave the industry, the future may still adhere to this position, has focused on water industry.

   Q: Patio water purifier to have to determine what kind of technology do you think ultrafiltration membranes, activated carbon and other filtering techniques

   A:?? For the future of China Water Purifier the development is, I think we face environment is still very complicated, complex summed up the complexity of water distribution, consumer habits and complexity of usage scenarios. First, China has 9.6 million square kilometers, the waters around the environment is not the same, the water environment willNot the same; followed by diversified consumer demand, for example, some want to drink, and some to bathe with, and some want to cook with, while others are industrial uses; the third is the use of different scenes, factories and family, North and South differences are significant. Three complexity makes it difficult to use a single technology to solve all the problems for some, so I think the future is likely to be integrated application of multiple technologies.

   because of the complexity, it has its ultrafiltration with activated carbon demand application scenarios, such as the use of activated carbon to remove odors, and biological contamination, the bacteria can be removed with an ultrafiltration membrane.

   Q: household water purifier industry is a service industry attaches great importance to the long tail, the latter services may be pain point for many consumers, Patio how to solve this pain point

   A:? To service look at both sides divided, do not point the pain is, well that is a selling point. Patio water purifier think can only be counted semi-finished products, must be added later Maintenance can only be counted on the finished product. Therefore strengthen the construction of service system from both hardware and software from its inception. On the software side, Patio supporting 400 call system and customer management system, establish a management mechanism for members, we also build a large data quality analysis system by means of; On the hardware side, we have set up nearly ten thousand service outlets in the country, with the fastest speed-to-door services for consumers, while Patio also focus on training professional services personnel, and improve service quality.

   Q: Despite the recent years, Chinas water industry is developing rapidly, but the penetration rate of water purifier and the Western developed countries, there is still a big gap compared to, what do you think obstacle to the popularity of water purifiers have ? What Patio which measures the crack

   a:? I think it is a problem of perception. In fact, water purifiers to enter China earlier, there is no reason why the popularity of large-scale, the most important reason is the consumers perception does not match their own needs, consumers do not know can drink after the water we drink needs to be filtered, Do not know what kind of need to use a machine to purify drinking water. This requires our entire industry together to strengthen education for water purification, we tell consumers peace of mind and confidence after daily drinking water to be treated.

   Q:?? The water purifier outreach activities, in addition to todays forum, Patio there will be any real action will not have to let consumers

   A: can say, Patio in the way consumers and universal education fromNot stopped. Patio is committed to making every family to spend water purification machines, integration of enterprise and industry chain resources, under the premise of guaranteeing quality, with advantages of scale to achieve cost optimization of the supply chain, to the consumer real ones who enjoy .

   2014 Patio in the industry took the lead off the popularity of storm water purification, promote cost-effective products into the homes of ordinary people; in 2015, when the first water purifier consumer science education activities organized Qin Park actively involved; in 2015, Patio and large across the country held "water purification Carnival" roadshow, in a more colorful form of universal knowledge of clean water to consumers; in 2016, the country launched Patio benefit war, concentrate manpower and material resources to take the initiative to correct knowledge of clean water and quality water purification products extended to more families, so that more people enjoy secure healthy water.

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