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   Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental Planning Vice President Wu Shunze in relevant forums that, given the time lag characteristic promulgated and water sector governance "Thirteen Five" plan of environmental protection, urban sewage treatment, combined with "ten water "leveraging effect of the gradual implementation of water pollution control industry and then welcome the warm spring.

   This is true, water environmental protection investments appear hot trend, many companies this year, the layout of the field of water treatment also significantly accelerated.

   June 20, three new board company collaborative environment announced that the company intends to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hebei Water Treatment Technology Co. synergy. Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes has also announced that the company and Beijing Grant membrane separation Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement", to be jointly developed water supply and environmental protection projects.

   Ru Bo Shenzhen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Supei Xin told reporters drinking water piping systems generally use the typical film process technology, ozone oxidation, active carbon, or a combination of technology and other processes to complete.

   In fact, while investment hot water treatment, water treatment equipment is also in ongoing "evolution" state. A few days ago by the Chinese high-tech Industrialization Association hosted the "Bo Confucianism nested self-cleaning water purifier" scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting, Su Peixin said, "Overall, the traditional film processing apparatus comprises ultrafiltration membrane and counter in permeable membrane are two, but to solve problems such as congestion, promote large-scale drinking water treatment system or the only way. "

   accompanied by population growth, economic development and urbanization, water shortages, water pollution, water security issues become more and more important issue of concern.

   According to the "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" issued by the State Council in 2015, by 2020, the proportion of the seven key river basin water quality in general more than 70% level and above urban centralized drinking water sources reached class III or better than the overall proportion of higher than 93%.

   Southwest Securities believes that "Thirteen Five" period, including water treatment, water black-odor remediation, pipeline construction, sludge treatment and other companies, including leading companies, revenue is expected to continue.

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