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   Waste Management clear water, water wealth open the door.

   December 7, 2018 道 China water purifier industry empty net Technical Seminar cum brand tour last one standing Kyoto Grand Hotel Taiyuan, Shanxi Yellow River held a large health as the core product technology exchange It brought new business opportunities and vitality to a healthy environment appliance market in Shanxi Province.



meeting site

   The tour exhibition of products in addition to household water purifiers, water purification business, campus drinking fountains, water softeners, air purifier, intelligent toilet lid, trash processor, intelligent sweeping machines, air treatment products, etc., and a special appearance of the "clear water that benefit the" healthy water station. Clear water and healthy water station is Huimin Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. water purification project of exclusive products, hand in hand into the Taiyuan tour, designed to make the projects that benefit more quickly into the Taiyuan and other regions. The appearance of clean water sources, but also to the brand can be described as technical seminars-cum-tour ten cities in 2018 marked a successful conclusion.

   "clear water that benefit the" healthy water station is Beijing Origin Water purification engineering company in response to national Thirteen Five on rural drinking water safety and water quality requirements to consolidate and promote creation of the project. Both to enhance the quality of water in rural areas, but also provide a lot of employment opportunities for local farmers.

   tour at the meeting, Mr. Zhou Jun, director of the clean water source markets brought "clean water source water + Internet of Things open the door to wealth," the keynote speech for the HC buyers group, from the financial, employment, Waste Management, multiple levels of net sales, etc. were explained, and a comprehensive display of equipment features clear water and healthy water that benefit the station.



Mr. Zhou Jun, director of the clean water source Market speech

   "clear water that benefit the" healthy water station equipment features:

   high product water quality : the clean water source independently developed low pressure nanofiltration filter technology, to retain beneficial minerals trace elements, the removal of harmful heavy metals and pesticide residues and hardness, etc., to set ozone, UV disinfection equipment to ensure safe water quality, water quality in line with "net national drink water quality standards "(CJ94-2005);

   intelligent cloud management: intelligent management of things, enabling the phone and the PC remote control device operation, water quality monitoring, customer management and overall control, Vending recharge, partners profit-sharing systematic management, improve transportationOperational efficiency, lower operating costs;

   Low operating cost: the low operating pressure, power reduction, to reduce energy consumption;

   Integrated devices: small footprint, reduced weight, easy to transport and more installation; automatic operation: equipment of water, the water, are rinsed off on automatic operation; dimensional control when

  : with time controller, time-resolved rural water supply because persistent problems caused by not more rural water compliance;

   maintenance of convenience: and prepared by pre-set water volume and a large raw water tank designed to achieve security and pretreatment equipment maintenance such as replacement of the filter cartridge of the water system simultaneously; [ 123]

   line cleaning of: nanofiltration membrane fouling and scaling, the film does not require disassembly, cleaning direct online, reduce the maintenance workload, ensure the normal operation of the system.



   Origin Water Product Manual


   Applications of clear water that benefit the health of the water stations: urban and rural water area not water covered security solutions; water quality coverage area to consolidate and promote; nitrate, sulfate, chloride, fluoride, arsenic and other special excessive water purification; urban and rural public drinking concentrated markets; enterprises and institutions, the army stationed centralized drinking water alone solution.



   guests photographed moments



   1, mature market support system

   clean water source support provider headquartered provincial, municipal and county levels the market support system to provide all-weather sales, operations and service support for clean water and other professional partners.

   2, regular inspection and inspections

   clean water source strict norms of daily inspection system, regular and timely release of water quality, water quality assurance standards.

   3, professional and technical guidance

   stages of the partner organization skills training, again to ensure fast response to meet the drinking water needs of villagers.


   the clean water source display area


   In water-based stations, social demand, clean water source through the "water + Things" Financial introduced HUIMINHuimin employment, and benefiting electricity providers, and many other services, while Pratt & Whitney society, create more employment opportunities, to further enhance the quality of life of the people of the towns and villages.



   guest of interest for the clean water source


   Waste Management clear water, good water purification core. Long way to go to protect the safety of drinking water, clean water source water purifier brand by participating in the HC tour event, insight can appeal to the community concerned about the safety of drinking water for the people to make the country are safe and healthy to drink more water can do something, do more contribution. I believe that with the clean water projects that benefit the country in the fall flowering, there will be more and more people enjoy safe drinking water.

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