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   "Popular Peoples entrepreneurial innovation," the call, the country set off a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. Some people have discerning eyes locked on the last piece of blue ocean of home appliances - the water purifier market, but the problem of water purification agents for good to do, a lot of people did not end up. Then, water purification agents to do good in the end it?



   First is that the real demand for water purifier. As we all know, in recent years more and more serious water pollution, urban and rural drinking water safety problem is worsening. Water is the source of life, but also the source of illness. According to the World Health Organization survey found that 80 percent of the worlds diseases and pollution-related; the death of 50% of the worlds children by drinking contaminated water caused by; the worlds 1.2 billion people from drinking contaminated water and suffering and more diseases ...... water pollution worsening the moment, we only have to ensure that their drinking water safe, to keep our lifeline.

   water purifier can filter out harmful substances in water, effectively ensure that our drinking water health. Fresh water was added purifier filter is a purely physical way, can effectively remove harmful substances, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sand, etc., water taste good, can be directly drinking, and therefore is an ideal home drinking water treatment program. Add fresh water purifier predict that the next few years, domestic water purifier market will usher in a wave of explosive growth. It is estimated that the domestic water purifier market will reach 500 billion yuan scale!

   Since the water purifier market is so big, so prospects must be very impressive. Why do so many people do some time water purifiers, but no longer operating? The problem is nothing more than out in the following places.

   water purification agents risks so big?

   If you do not want to risk doing business that does not exist. Or honest work. So do business including the water purifier risk is definitely yes. But we have to learn how to avoid and reduce these risks yet. Usually in water purification has not done the following:

   First, no one can combat team

   Second, the over-reliance on manufacturers

   Third, the lack of insight on the market [123 ]

   Fourth, there is no risk of courage

   Fifth, no development with manufacturers conviction

   water purification agents do, OK? there is no water purifier to join future career prospects? market have the final say, people are optimistic about the success of the industry. Add fresh water purifier prompts you, as long as attention to the above five points, I believe you will be able to open up their own place in the world, life and career in the water purifier market Shuangfeng not be far off!

   [123 ] through the above understanding, I believe you also understand, in water purification agent relative distribution and wholesale, whether it is on top of the price advantage, or policy advantages, have an absolute advantage, which is why many wholesale distributor, in among the market less than two months time have chosen to join the main reason for proxy mode to enter the water purifier market.

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