Pregnant drink stagnant water yet

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   pregnant women are protected each family focused, especially diet is to keep in mind, then pregnant drink stagnant water it? Let Xiaobian to tell you.




often have a message asking users to small series of stagnant water in the end can not drink? 2020-06-05 Xiao Bian tell you not to drink stagnant water, which contains a lot of bacteria and parasites, drinking on the human body is very negative, but pregnant women should pay more attention in terms of water, then pregnant drink stagnant water ?


ordinary people do not drink stagnant water, not to mention pregnant women is absolutely can not drink, do not care if pregnant women drink stagnant water and do not worry too much, as long as no gastrointestinal reactions such as diarrhea, stomach pain, etc., should not big problem. Gastrointestinal first pass into the body is the circulatory system, there are many barriers prevent external pathogens directly into the human circulatory them, such as gastric acid, digestive enzymes, probiotics degradation, it is not always drink dirty water and the effect will not be much. In particular, the fetus is a material exchange through the maternal circulation, will not be directly affected. Unless there is strong germs into the body, which may affect you and your babys health.


water molecules have a certain activity, it is possible to form a chain-like structures between molecule and molecule. When the water is not being hit often, that is not always in motion, this chain structure will continue to expand, extend, so that the water constantly, "aging", eventually become "dead", that aging water.


Scientific studies show that just extracted, in regular exercise, striking state of deep well, containing only nitrite 0.017 mg per liter, but stored at room temperature for 3 days increases to 0.914 mg. The original non-aqueous nitrite, stored 1 day at room temperature, per liter of water will produce 0.0004 g of nitrate mmol, 3 days can rise to 0.11 mg, 0.73 mg and up to 20 days, and can be further converted to nitrite carcinogenic nitrosamines.


household drinking water Tips: minors usual aging drinking water, cell metabolism will slow down significantly, and affect the growth and development, and the elderly to drink, can cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases and make premature aging. This is because the excess nitrite in water, excessive, can cause varying degrees of physical fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, coma, body bruising, blood pressure, abdominalPain, diarrhea, vomiting, lack of can cause malignant disease. Xiao Bian remind you that we want to develop good habits of drinking, do not drink bottled or long-term storage of bottled water, which will benefit our health.




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