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spread fast of the new crown pneumonia, covering a wide range, can not help but confused panic. National isolation, enterprises return to work to extend the time, shrinking consumer market, industry losses. According to previously published Hengda Institute "impact of the epidemic on the Chinese economic analysis and policy recommendations", this years catering industry retail sales of only 7 days in the New Year there will be 500 billion yuan of losses.



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   national and local policy introduced to ease the pressure of the epidemic enterprises; Wanda, Poly, Joy Holdings, China Resources land, Redstar and other businesses to reduce the pressure by nearly 10 billion rent rent relief policy, the cumulative medium and small businesses; nails, Tencent meeting, graphite documents, curtain, Zoom and other online office software, also launched telecommuting , online learning, electronic contracts and other free services for the country more than 100,000 enterprise and remote office to resolve problems delayed work.

   but need its own hardware compression, we combine the CMO chief expert training camp, a visiting associate professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong SPACE College of Business Fang Shiwei point of view, to provide some key recommendations for the enterprise.

   tried to fill the cash gap

   two professors of Beijing University and Tsinghua University jointly released a research report, in which the data worrying: 34% of SMEs only last month, 85 % of SMEs can only stay for three months.

   due to the lack of sound internal control system of cash SMEs, loss, serious waste, inventory backlog, there are a lot of accounts receivable, coupled with difficult external financing and operating costs, investment and other business development expenses, financial occur more likely risk.

   in favor of measures to deal with the cost of a measure to tighten after the economy to pick up in the short and medium term, companies need to do it is to protect the cash: including travel stop, suspend non-essential spending, reduce marketing costs, inventory processing, freezing personnel recruitment, severance inefficient or non-core business staff positions, job Jingpin, halt the project, peeling unprofitable business or stop off and so on.

   while allowing the rapid return of cash: including accounts receivable, supply chain upstream to apply for an extension of the account, apply for additional funds to finance multi-party financial institutions, and even some more cash intensive businesses need to consider whether the proposed staff pay cuts or salary-delayed and other programs to help businessesThrough.

   remake annual product SKU planning

   Most of the enterprises in the first quarter revenue has shrunk, particularly tourism, retail, electricity suppliers and other industries, but also of loss of the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Valentine Festival holiday consumption boom. Excess capacity, idle resources, in the second quarter inventories rise, cash withdrawn from circulation problems, on the one hand to reduce corporate expenses, return of funds, and can focus on dealing with inventory in the third and fourth quarters, allowing quick cash reflux. But the industry competitive landscape of enterprise does not make timely changes are unlikely to enjoy the end of the epidemic caused by the consumption rebound "vindictive consumption" bonus.

   If the business is not seasonal products, and in 2020 set up a relatively large earnings growth target, an important job is to make product planning department re-examine the Product of the Year, decisively reducing the third and fourth quarters the number of products and the number of production orders sku second, third and fourth quarter.

   If the previous conditions remain unchanged, the companys products have obvious seasonal, such as the apparel industry, also suggested that it should reduce the number of sku, because everyone in the industry stocks are large, while three each company and hope in the fourth quarter out of the results (regardless of whether the rebound in consumer confidence), so the promotion will be the main theme, and online discounts will be the main battlefield, even the formation of anti-quarter sales bargain for consumers, businesses set back cash, if there are too many seasonal goods pressure on the hand, is very risky practice.

   grasp the "post-epidemic era" opportunity cost

   However, if the market outlook and look bad because too conservative, the result is to misjudge the situation, the loss of sales opportunities, this is the opportunity cost of risk. So companies need to assess the perspective of the market and competitive landscape combined with the opportunity cost to consider.

   in the "post-epidemic era", we are familiar with high probability tourism, transportation, accommodation, catering, entertainment and other industries ...... will usher in the legendary "retaliatory consumption" Therefore, enterprises should avoid extreme austerity means, in order to avoid missed opportunities when the economy rebounded.

   The transformation of the Internet put on the agenda

   many companies on the Internet transformation is delayed, this time of crisis business entities personally witnessed the transformation of the Internet can provide a better risk-resisting ability to strike because only go to the line, the only passenger, only to stay alive.

   enterprise users have high viscosity, in order to maintain popularity and brand awareness is not falling, and from which to explore business opportunities.

   and this crisis will push the Internet company within the transformation of least resistance, but also the most readily available product support, marketing and sales department, this is a golden opportunity to make sure the missing class Fill.

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