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   [net] China Water Purifier recent years, whether it is water or water problems continue to arise, the momentum of rising water purifier installed. As we all know, the domestic water is treated with chlorine gas, although able to kill bacteria and viruses, but can not scale to remove impurities, heavy metals, etc., and in accordance with the depth of the water purifier water purification, the water can be bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals , rust and sediment and other harmful substances removed completely solve the problem of unclean water.


   high cost of bottled water, inappropriate family daily use, bottled water is listed as the most affluent families daily water consumption is too high, but this approach is not suitable for heavy use, and the net effect may not be as water; a bottled water costs are high, a short period, more susceptible to secondary pollution. Bottled water purifier absolute cost is much lower, good water taste, indirectly drink without boiling, it is an ideal home drinking water treatment program.

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   as an efficient water purifier home water treatment devices today, has been recognized by the majority of consumers, household water purifiers will also lead to a new round of home decoration fashion trend, Wing Department of household water purification experts say: can be expected, water purifier will become the main trend of the future of home drinking water. ?

   Why do you want to install a water purifier

   According to incomplete statistics, a water purifier and one can intercept: rust about 3600 mg, about 98,000 milligrams of organic matter, about 500 milligrams of sediment impurity, about 4 mg of lead and the like. These organic compounds and heavy metal ions in drinking within a year into the body, and then gradually accumulate each year, it is conceivable there will be much harm to human body. So invest 5 cents a day, you can install a water filter that you and your familys health escort! Why not?


   water purifier is 8 characters [123 ]


   after installing a water purifier, and then bottled without water, the system is now drink, fresh and healthy, no secondary pollution; Once opened while the bottled water is not consumed within three days finished, the bacteria will be exceeded, it will also harm peoples health. In addition, if you encounter "black bucket", which uses a bucket made from recycled waste materials harmful to human health, too. Also some people to make money, direct irrigation water, in order to meet consumers seeking cheaper. However, we can not completely guarantee the health of the installation of a net ......Water heater, good water made their own! Enjoy the moment health of the water of life!


   qualified water purifier manufacturers are national health permits this document, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report water quality testing, each product in the factory, through a number of inspection and testing to ensure that qualified products, filtering out water safety.

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   quality of bottled water price of around 15 yuan, water purification system and a bucket of water is less than 5 cents, is the thirtieth of bottled water one, vegetables cook-stop drinking. Of course there are cheaper bottled water, there are also cheaper 5 dollars a barrel, but so cheap bottled water you Ganhe it?


   do not have to call up water stations send bottled water, drink to build their own, no water restrictions, water and so on do not directly connected to the drinking water above water purifier, convenient and fresh.

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