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water purifier to filter bacteria and viruses do? reverse osmosis water purifier so much expensive than ultrafiltration, the difference in where? filter life count how? Why do some water purifier so slow ...... it recently there are too many people asking questions about PC sauce of the water purifier.


It seems, after the epidemic stage, we are already sharpening ready to upgrade home health, so today we have to talk about those things water purifier. It may be you have seen the whole science of water purifier to buy guide, really, do not understand them, I advise you do not rush to buy a water purifier.

the full text of points:


mainstream water purifier ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis have two types of reverse osmosis personal recommendation no brain, although the price of your side, but filter effects.


area south softer water quality, lack of budget, you can directly select the higher cost of ultrafiltration water purifiers, pay attention to the filtered water to boil before drinking.


reverse osmosis water purifier to choose large flux, the higher the throughput, the faster the water; the actual filter length of life mainly depends on the rated total net amount of water, the higher the total net amount of water, filter life longer.


will produce waste water reverse osmosis water purification, the water purifier fee does not cost effective to see the water level, the step 1-5, most saving level 1.


The following are complete, a lot of knowledge, Grab a small note books good strategy!


01 reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier What is the difference?


RO price is higher than ultrafiltration


difference between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier, a lot of people it seems intuitive that the performance in terms of price, open an electricity supplier we can see, ultrafiltration water purifier general As long as a few hundred pieces, and reverse osmosis water purifier will have more than a thousand, thousands of pieces start.

is much higher than the accuracy of the ultrafiltration reverse osmosis filter


and their performance but also related to the reverse osmosis filtration accuracy is much higher than ultrafiltration, its main technical points wherein the reverse osmosis membrane. Minimum pore size of reverse osmosis membrane can reach 0.0001 microns, only one millionth the size of a human hair, is smaller than the diameter of viruses and bacteria, so in principle, be able to achieve the effect of filtering bacteria and viruses, the filtered water is safe to drink, the filtration precision is visible extremely high.

UF water purification device that is not a reverse osmosis membrane, so that the filtering effect is undoubtedly difference than reverse osmosis, in particular to take a lot of soluble heavy metal ions no way. If the water contains more calcium and magnesium ions, that is to say we will have a hard water scale, in addition to UF also can not afford, so the filtered water to boil before drinking.


UF and RO inspection standards different from

It can also be seen from the standard two kinds of water purifier, national standard, reverse osmosis water purification device arsenic, cadmium chromium (hexavalent), the filtering effect of soluble metal ions such as lead aspects are put forward removal requirements, and ordinary ultrafiltration water purifiers do not have these requirements.


02 should buy ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis to buy?


According to what I have said, in terms of filtration performance for water, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration is far superior, it seems do not consider this issue, the direct election of reverse osmosis enough? Definitely no, buy ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis, or to the actual situation, after all, reverse osmosis effect is good, but the price is also considerable contrast ah. (Reveal poor eyes)


combined with water, pipeline case selected for the

how the actual situation? Is to see water source in your home community, if it is old district, old pipe, the presence of water pollution or the vicinity, it is recommended to select a reverse osmosis water purification; if it is a new cell, well pipes, there is no abrupt near water pollution occurs, then some more cost-effective choice of ultrafiltration. As another example, in southern China, water quality are relatively soft (the scale is relatively small), lack of budget, you can also directly elected ultrafiltration. Of course, the local tyrant ignore ah.


by water mineral supplements and nutritional nonsense

Some people may have heard this argument: ultrafiltration water purifier to retain the human body needs minerals, and reverse osmosis water purification no mineral nutrition. On this, some experts pointed out earlier, trace elements and minerals needed by the body primarily from food intake, in addition, the waterContaining minerals is extremely small, and inorganic minerals, is not easily absorbed by the body, so the water by mineral supplements and nutrition is nonsense.


However, whether reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration, in order to ensure good filtering effect, should pay attention to the use of the filter element, the timely replacement.


to see how the 03 filter life? How long for once?


water purifier filter replacement costs later really is not a small expenditure, affordable water purifier, but can not afford filter really not a joke. . . So, for the core costs, but also our focus and object of discussion, after all, said that apart from the price performance, it will be the hammer. Calculation for the core costs, in addition to the price of the filter element, also need to know the filter life.


filter life look rated total net amount of water

The filter life there is knowledge, and how to see it? Some details on the product page has a recommended replacement cycle businesses, this can refer to? I want to say, you can look, but do not take it seriously. Filter life have reference value is the nominal total net amount of water, can be understood as a water filter cartridge has a limit, the amount of light, then after filtration of water not meet the standards, the filter needs to be replaced.


should be careful of the friends you found that businesses with the proposed filter change cycle, there will be a line of small print Notes: daily household water situation by not more than xxL calculations. So, will there are two significant differences between the total net amount of water purifier, the official suggested changing the filter with the same period a year all circumstances, but in fact, may be a 5L water every day, is a 10L water every day.


Different quality loss of the filter is different from


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