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鍑€姘村櫒琛屼笟锛傛巿涔嬩互楸?涓嶅鎺堜箣浠ユ笖锛備笁閮ㄦ洸 In recent years, the number of our water purifier market brand showing explosive growth, growing competition, however, the market is always king can not escape the strong, the weak are eliminated law of development, this time, water purifier manufacturers have not yet planned then it may be a good mechanism itself in danger of being eliminated. Therefore, water purifier manufacturers in order to increase sales, stabilize the heel, need to be relentless strength of the construction and operation of its own, which would include increasing the strength of the dealer support efforts; improving the quality aspects of the dealer, capacity and implementation ability.

   Now Xiaobian tell you just three steps, it can make you a leader in water purification agents.

   The first step: after binding the consumer market to strengthen the auto culture

   a lot of water purifier manufacturers are at pains to move over to the dealer, but then they ignore the. But Xiao Bian said: dealers need to develop and expensive to uphold, that continuous training, guidance, exchange. This requires the establishment of a clear set of dealer profit model, and their corporate marketing of the Road, and then to help sales agents based on a set of enterprise distribution model combined with local consumer market, and explore the most suitable local distribution method, integrity management, will be able to grow up.

   The second step: to strengthen the dealers sales team training guide rational

   industry competition, as well as its own power distributors to eat ginseng missing, leading to their relatively weak sales agents keep up the pace of the market; whether it is conscious or marketing management awareness, the market is too far behind to make it into a "short board" effect operation of the market weakness, gradually unable to take on the portfolio current market dealers should bear, marketing competition policy and program planning and execution functions.

   Therefore, to give different strength of sales agents reasonable support and assistance, combined with the actual situation of dealers regularly for dealer sales teams training and guidance, so that dealers grasp the scientific and standardized sales operation, use the scientific method through the line of sales; another organization often led dealers to operate a good market site visits, examination room, exchange dealers also strengthen the capacity of the method. Through a wide range of support and training, and ultimately the dealer-demand learning, personal growth and self-break.

   The third step: to strengthen the team to help dealers profit

   To continue to strengthen the sales team management and assessment,The company accredited to the man at the dealer market can really help dealers "solve problems" to solve the existing problems in the market, only through such sincere affection of the service, and truly help the dealer profits, dealers and enterprises in order to achieve long-term coexistence, cooperation and win-win situation well. Arrange marketing staff personally hands of dealers led by employees to negotiate into the store, store promotions, etc., the specific operating actions every step of the analysis are summarized in the course of the operation, and explain in detail to the dealers sales staff, We must know that "teach him to fish" is the highest level to assist dealers. Only together can we make progress together.

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