October heaters TOP3- Hai occupy the top!

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In mid-November, the PRC, the overall data released in October heater market: Haier, Midea, AO Smith, stable industry TOP3, Haier retail volume share of 22.65%, in the first place, the United States and AO Smith opened the gap retail volume share of respectively 18.11%, 13.73%, a difference of over 4 percentage points.


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data: three brands accounted for half of


data show that in October the domestic water heater market as a whole showed a rising trend in retail sales growth of 22.50%, retail sales growth of 20.30%. In the hot-selling brand, Haier, Midea, A.O. Smith three brand retail volume market share of 54.49% and is, occupied half. Compared with the overall share in September, Haier, Midea and A.O. Smith were up 1.17%, 0.89%, 0.23%, TOP3 ranking did not change.


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from the water heater product category perspective, in the field of electric water heater, Haier 28.74% market share in first place, the United States, AO Smith, the market share of 21.68 percent, respectively, 15.08 % breakdown of the second and third. Gas water heater in the field, in the context of declining industry as a whole, only Haier achieved growth, retail sales, retail sales volume grew 15.5%, 22.6% respectively. In the heat pump water heaters, from retail volume share of view, Haier ranks first with 59.7%, A.O. Smith ranks second with 20.7%, Gree ranks third with 6.5%.


trend: alternative scene a new experience


With the rise of AI, IOT, 5G and other new technologies, Haier, Midea, led by home appliances enterprises have the layout of the smart home. According to the PRC data show that in October, Haier, Midea, A.O. Smith among the top three in the field of smart water heater, retail volume market share of 65.89 percent, respectively, 6.68%, 5.05%, accounting for over 60 percent of Haier.


on the product layout, Haier "alternative scenarios" for users from a single product to provide complete sets of whole-house water and then personalized solutions, and thus build the worlds first ecological wisdom bathroom scene to provide users with "1 bathing six active service": before the bath, the water heater will take the initiative to learn the users habits, packageIncluding time and bath temperature bath, a hot water prepared in advance; bath, bath water quality do net, soft water; after bath, active dehumidification fan, towel rack linkage active mirror towel drying sterilization, body fat scales, toothbrushes active learning users health information, and give health advice.


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October market data can be seen, the future of the brand competition stage will enter the market segments, such as smart water heaters and other users expect higher value category, new technologies and new floor new product portfolio, look for opportunities to get breakthrough.

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