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  Water purification according to the principle which types are divided? Publish Web Site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-10-11 If you are divided according to the principle of water purifiers, water purifiers available in the market can be divided into activated carbon, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration (UF), which several species the water purifier has a different purpose and function, has a different bias. Before the purchase we must fully understand their strengths and weaknesses, combined with their actual needs to buy. Here we explain in detail these three types of water purifiers own characteristics: 1, the activated carbon technology this technology is used in most conventional water treatment processes, due to the activated carbon adsorption capacity itself is good, it is able to removing impurities from the water, excess chlorine and the colloidal substance. However, due to activated carbon adsorption capacity will be greatly reduced over a period of time after use, so if you did not replace the filter, the water purifier will lose the ability to filter pollutants, and other impurities may even have been absorbed before there will be re-released into the water, causing secondary pollution. 2, such a reverse osmosis water purification techniques employed to nanometer pore size of reverse osmosis membrane apparatus as a main filter, the water pump provides a certain pressure, water molecules can pass through reverse osmosis membrane, but the water impurities, germs and other contaminants can not be adopted, only by the water molecules. But at the same time the reverse osmosis membrane filter impurities, but also the trace elements beneficial to human body with water also filtered out. 3, membrane technology membrane filter made of a water purifier ultrafiltration membrane pore size of 0.01 m, this can effectively remove bacteria, viruses and other impurities colloid. It also retains a variety of trace elements and minerals the body needs, in addition ultrafiltration membrane water purification does not require specialized manufacturing hydraulic pump at work, no electricity also means that when the work, but it can not remove the scale .

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