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   was born, the outbreak of integration, a foregone conclusion, almost all industries are repeating this cycle format. Water purifier market is also true. Although not up to the national topic, but uneven quality, the price gap is about to enter the water purifier market reshuffle.

   As the saying goes: "Water is the source of human life." However, with the recent frequent incidents of water pollution, allows more and more people began to worry about the water quality. Combined with peoples living standards improve, the water purifier successfully to millions of households. According to media to incomplete statistics, search for "water purifier" the key words on Taobao, pop-related products, nearly more than 200 brands, more than 1,000 products. Another statistic says domestic water purifier brand is as high as 5600 as much.




into the water purification industry usher in the industry reshuffle of deep integration (Photo from Internet)

   Today, domestic water purifier market environment constantly changing, market competition, changes in consumer demand in the market, the national favorable policies. The change factors of this series are a strong boost of good water purifier market. The PRC monitoring data show that by 2015, China water purifier market at a rate higher than 64% of rapid expansion, in 2015 the market size of 2.28 billion yuan. 2016 January to October, total sales of 23.1 billion yuan water purification equipment, an increase of 20% annual market size in 2016 is expected to 285 yuan, an increase of 24%.

   Based on this, the industry was widely predicted, water purifier market size over the next six years, the average annual compound growth rate will reach 23.1%. As of 2017, large-scale water purification equipment is expected to reach 125.1 billion. However, even if the current momentum of rapid development, water purifier penetration rate but in reality is still not optimistic. In the Water veteran Du Tianlong view, "the current market size and penetration of water purifiers is in a state of fusion."

   However, with the explosive growth of the market in stark contrast to the water purifier market unknowingly already lasted nearly three years of brutal growth. In fact, behind market demand and steady growth in sales, lack of mandatory standards is becoming a stumbling block hindering the further development of the industry. New GB empty net compared to the market, the water purifier market is still lack of uniform mandatory testing standards: "local standards, corporate standards, industry standards and other standards confusion, lack of a unified national standard gaugeFan industry, false hype, products of varying quality, etc. are common. "

   standards are not uniform Another constraints brought about by the after-sales service is lagging behind. Some companies simply sell products regardless of service, consumers can not guarantee safety of drinking water, leading to water industrys credibility damaged. Specific point of view, due to the large number of SMEs, the electricity supplier, crowdfunding and other online channels to become one of the main sources of sales, even for the core type fast and smart for the core to remind the market trend, but the high cost for the core, long time to repair and so on still exposed the lack of service.

   Indeed, the current situation facing the market above the chaos, only according to changes in market conditions and timely change itself, change in order to survive in order to win in the market machine. purifier companies must promptly change the product "content", increasing the value of the products to better meet consumer demand. At the same time, the industry veteran Shi Ting pointed out that "from water purification equipment user rating look, purchased mainly a positive user reviews, but in a negative evaluation, users complain about most is installation services, logistics, customer service, etc., companies can improve their services from these areas. "

   In addition, according to" Chinas Sankei Shimbun "reported that strengthen consumer education is also urgent now purifier consumer awareness needs to be deepened and improved water purifier using publicity (including product selection , use and replacement) as well as the development of industry standardization outreach is very necessary. only by allowing consumers to learn the correct choice of water purification equipment, in order to enjoy a healthy life.

   in 2017, water purifier can by industry, the depth of integration, to the next golden age, may wish to wait and see.

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