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Fukuyama branch lives very fact long ago by the child to help her money sets installed purification equipment, but the very fact that there is a habit, then every night basin of water, a precipitate and the aqueous at night, the next morning with. But since she was fitted with a water purifier, every morning and discover pelvic floor with a layer of white floc, put a few days the water begins to yellow. How installed a water purifier, but water "unclean" of?


Reporters call this water purifier manufacturers telephone service, a technical department staff told reporters, "In order to prevent excessive minerals in the human body will calculus, we have added lime in the design inhibitors, increase the solubility general will only arise after the suspension of boiling water, but sometimes there will be cold, frequency of occurrence is not too high, this concerning water with pH. this does not affect the water quality, consumers do not have to worry about . "


after the reporter has consulted Hairun water company water quality monitoring center staff," If the water purifier is purified water, generally there will be some minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are usually many of these contaminants are deposited on, can not tell, without the attachments, they will be the same as some flocs sink to the bottom, may be placed long oxidation or reaction with other containers, resulting in discoloration, such a suggestion to use water purifier, the best is to take active, do not place a long time, especially the placement of a few days, but not recommended for use. "



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