Water purifier - watwpurificion Compave Introduction

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  Core Tip: In order to protect our health and lives, but also for the sake of his family good health, purchase and install the relevant water purification equipment has become a necessity in our lives, or our life

In order to protect our health and life, but also for the sake of his family good health, purchase and install the relevant water purification equipment has become a necessity in our lives, otherwise our lives will change and there is no guarantee safe. Face an array of water purification equipment on the market, a lot of friends in the choice of the screenwriters, some will follow the recommendation of a friend, and some are concerned about the price or brand case. But no matter how selection, water purification equipment and water machine water purifier is the best-selling product, whether it is from the brand or functions are first-class. Then the water purifier and water purifier What difference does it make? What is not the same place we deserve to understand and buy it? Following small for your detailed comparison tell us about it.




Water Filters

   water purifier - concept difference

purifier: physically by filtration and adsorption to remove harmful tap water organic pollution.


Water Purifier: RO reverse osmosis membrane by the way, the organic and inorganic contaminant ions discharged until the water is pure water.

   water purifier - Comparative Technology

osmosis: at ambient pressure, allowing only certain components of the selective permeation of other substances can not be cut through the surface, referred to as the RO, filtration accuracy 0.0001 microns.


UF: In a pressure difference as the driving force, separating the molecular weight range of several hundred to several million, membrane pore size from about 0.001 to 0.2 micron physical screening process, referred to as the UF, filtration accuracy of 0.001 microns.



of pure water

   water purifier - Structure

of pure water: booster pump, power supply, water storage tank, to five filters . The first stage of the filter, the second and third stage are activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane RO fourth level, the fifth stage is refined activated carbon, to improve the taste.


purifier: no motor, power supply, drive by pressure filtration with stainless steel body, high temperature, corrosion.

   water purification machines - function

water machine: harmful substances will be removed, but also remove beneficial to humansTrace elements.


water filter: filter out impurities, trace elements retain beneficial.

   water purifier - shortcomings

of pure water: In the process of water generated wastewater.


purifier: the role of heavy metals and not on water base.


water purifier and water purifier what is not the same place it? Above is Xiaobian to introduce you to two of difference. In summary, we see that the complex structure of pure water purification capacity is very strong, but also very easy to purify our body to filter out useful elements and materials; water purification machine structure is simple, compact and convenient, but not complete purification. But anyway, water purification machines and water machines are for our health lives to help, so when the purchase or requires a combination of our own demand situation, not too blind.

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