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a person fill water a day is generally eight glasses of water, make up 80% of this water is necessary to pay you from drink, soup, porridge and so this place pay the total amount of water 20 % on it, if you too much, drink a few big problems, first it inside sugary relatively high, all drinks such as Coca-Cola, seven-up, Sprite, and some tea drinks and so on, these things inside it contains a lot of sugar, a lot of people after drinking.


it will affect his central pigment, especially children, he would not eat anything, he has a sense of Bon appetit, it will cause an imbalance of his nutrition, the more uneven balance of nutrition children gain weight more easily , so it caused a lot of children there are two extremes, one is overweight baby, one is too thin. On obese children and underweight children. So this means that overweight and unbalanced nutrition are all too thin, belong to an unhealthy state, so the biggest problem in this drink, his sugar is too high, this is the first.


all drinks, such as Coca-Cola are inside plus acid, it blinded, especially in such acidic stuff for childrens teeth, tooth enamel is not good, easy to damage his tooth enamel, has caused the prevalence of dental caries in children, tooth decay will increase, this is the second problem.


all of our beverage center will add a variety of additives, everyone can see the label, to see the list of ingredients label on the beverage inside the list of ingredients such as sugar, sugar he would Qaa Bath sweet, add any sodium cyclamate, what these things chlorinated sucrose, etc., as well as add any preservatives added, as some fruiting drinks will add some thickening agents, colors and so on a variety of additives, some even You can add a dozen. This additive to the future we have to rely on inside the body and discharged by the liver to break down our kidneys, our kidneys, liver metabolism we have increased a lot of burden.


Therefore, generally speaking, then, it can not pay the first drink, it consumes water, especially cola, which contains caffeine, caffeine will promote diuretic, so it increases urination, this is the first, it can not pay. The second, containing various additives. Third, high sugar content. Fourth, it is acidic. So the body is not particularly good, so the drink is best not to exceed the total daily water intake by 20%.


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