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   water purifier join how much money? Now the water purification industry is very hot, so the number of people concerned about this issue has continued to rise, then this cost in the end how much needs it? Xiao Bian learned, need water purifier to join the cost from a few million to a hundred thousand dollars, can be said to be particularly large difference, why is it so?



   First, the delivery requirements are different [123 ]

   Although the vast majority of water purifier manufacturers will not be charged a joining fee associated, however, in the first delivery aspects also have certain requirements, because not the same manufacturers of the delivery standards there are some differences, and join the level will also affect the final delivery requirement, therefore, the majority of franchisees should be, as the case may be, generally speaking first delivery fee ranging from about two or three million to ten million.

   Second, the rent and renovation costs are not the same

   In order to ensure that customers can be kept informed of the relevant circumstances water purifiers, water purifiers to join headquartered often require franchisees to rent a shop, and lots of different cities related to the rent difference is very large, therefore, in conjunction with the specific situation to determine if it is the county seat, then monthly about three thousand to six thousand yuan range.

   and franchise decoration it is also very important, although the water purifier buyers are quality fancy, but reasonable decoration is the key to the brand image, in general headquarters It requires the franchisee unified specification renovation, so as to play the desired publicity, and there Vishay Dayton renovation subsidies it can ensure that franchisees spend less time in the decoration.

   Third, the publicity costs

   must be related to the activities planned at the time of the water purifier stores opened, so as to serve to attract popularity and promotion effect, so promotional material is a must have, and the costs of promotional materials related to the need to be determined according to the scale, so that franchisees can consult their choice of brand promotion expenses related to the specific headquarters is How many.

   water purifier join how much money? Above is to do water purifier to join the associated costsThe content, if not particularly adequate financial strength of franchisees, it is recommended at the time of joining the way as we choose to join with their financial strength consistent, must not blind and low stock chart select some way beyond their strength to join , or cash flow situation might arise in the future to join.

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