Talking about the development of water purifier which deals

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   water purifier dealers choose the right company is very important, a good water purifier companies in addition to providing the market demand for products to dealers, but also provide sales strategy, guarantee a good product, good service, etc. . In the water purification industry, water purifier dealers to clearly understand and to grasp three key points: manufacturers, stores and consumers. The increasingly fierce market competition, water purifiers, water purifiers and distributors to unite the three key points up, Win, access to new development.

   a key element: water purifier business

   In fact enterprises blind natural part of the water purifier hype R & D capabilities, but also give a different attitude and different services for different dealers, policy, in this non-compliant phenomenon, if dealers agents selected agent such brand, then the road to water purification could take the "crooked" out. Water purifier expert analysis: There may be many dealers most important is the price of the product, and did not pay attention to them and support policies, not entirely, for dealers, more importantly, with the degree of product manufacturers and sales policy. Recommend dealers to find a suitable own water purifier brands, can now body in two ways, the first is corporate positioning, all aspects of whether they meet the market demand, although dealers are not about marketing, but to put a business recommendations to help enterprises timely response reflected market. The second is the execution, whether companies and distributors with consistent execution down as one for the dealer to provide better services.

   key two: water purifier stores

   stores supervision, dealer service customers, the store location and store positioning, management, rent and other issues are the issues of most concern dealers . Today, the era of soaring prices, if the store does not cooperate, as the distributor for the alliance, choosing instead to raise rents, profits down dealers, only the immediate benefits that dealers may proudly hard line. A high level of professional self-service store will increase the level, regulate the internal management, supervision, while a good store dealer, will good quality and after-sales. But also manage the shopping guide management personnel, improve staff quality, in-depth understanding of water purifier sales techniques, it is more competitive than their peers.

   key three: water purifier consumer customer base

   product sales service industry will face the end consumer customer base, while the dealer is the nearest merchant from the end consumer, some basic clothing industryBe in the shortest time to do, so that the customer is Gods idea. About the status of the industry, major industries and enterprises agreed that the use of production Lu distress in order to meet social development, solve customers in the market, in the water purification industry, enterprises to changing marketing strategy. Water purification industry to provide a good service to consumers, then the dealer is not required to net manufacturers cooperate to do this service.

   From a water purifier which can be seen in immediate auto body purifier manufacturers level of development, to better understand its development prospect area of 鈥嬧€媡he water purifier. Dealers should take a good water purifier manufacturers, stores and consumers of these three key points to get more consumers, thereby increasing brand market advantage.

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