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   April 16, 2017, concern the "Third China top ten brands of water purifiers network named" Micro letter officially closed voting system, the voting stage of full cut-off, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the majority of Internet users. Activities smoothly integrated into the rigorous evaluation stage.




Third China top ten brands of water purifiers online voting ended officially open the review

   the third "Chinese water purifiers top ten brands" micro-channel public network number voting stage officially begins at 9:13 on March 2017 morning, in micro-channel voting process lasted a month, the countrys many users to vote. The contest is organized not only demonstrate water purifier brand platform, but also for investors and consumers in-depth understanding of water purifier brand provides a good opportunity. By many netizens to vote, we also feel that the majority of the water purifier focus groups fervent support for this event, which will encourage water purifier business, condensed water purifier brand has played a certain role.

   brand, is a method of evaluating people and their perceptions of a company and its products, service, cultural values, it is a trust. With the rapid development of Chinas water purification industry, many businesses mushrooming. "Chinas top ten water purifier brand named" committed to finding innovative leader in the change in the situation, to enhance the competitiveness of the crisis, to witness the water purification industry development achievements.

   According to the active process schedule, contest is about to enter the last link - the Commission will review the group stage. This is the most exciting part, while the test of the enterprise will become more severe. The assessment process for selected brands scale, product performance, brand reputation, market share, sales network layout, comprehensive assessment, the organizers - China Water Purifier network will uphold fairness and justice to the principle of strict and professional vision level "gatekeeper" the "Top ten" selection, the final selection of the water purification industry real "brand."

   popularity and charm, the brand coronation; reputation and strength, for enterprises cut spine. Through layers of selection of new members who eventually won the honor and assessment? Wind and waves, please continue to focus on April 24, 2017 announced the official list.

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