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  Water outflow green Qishan residents flock of foreign body: Tim net water purification Views: 826 Date: 2015-6-24 11:50:05 Recently, Mr. Qiu, who lives in Qishan County Fengming District, Building 15, it is a worry, the home water flowing out of the water is full of green floc, very difficult to receive a pot of water. 宀愬北灞呮皯鑷潵姘存祦鍑哄紓鐗╃豢鑹茬诞鐘剁墿 June 22, Mr. Qiu Qishan County Fengming reflect new district, the district where the water appears green floc has been a week or so, especially more in the morning. Reporters saw Mr. Qiu home in the kitchen and bathroom to the water, many green fiber floc, this has led to the recent home cooking, bathing is a problem. And reflect upon the problem, he said the property is the pipeline problem, but did not propose solutions. Ms Lau said Qiu familys neighbors also have their own case, for which she bought a cotton filter plug mounted on the faucet, then filtered out of the water is fairly clear. "This situation has continued for almost a year, sometimes more and sometimes less." Liu said, although you can now filter impurities, but still very worried about the water quality will not be a problem. This happens Fengming District, Building 15, in addition to Qiu home is located, as well as No. 1 and 11, Building some households. In this regard, Qishan County Fengming water station staff said that the current water supply is groundwater Qishan county, the rest did not find the problem. Preliminary guess the water inside the water pipe green floc attached impurities, the pipeline for a long time without the use of poor quality or were such problems that may arise. Water Zhanfuzhanchang Wang Mingzhi said, had also experienced the same problem when using high-pressure water pump water lines after flushing alleviate the problem; the same issues to consider water sampling to detect again. Fengming District Property Manager Cai Xiaolong said the residents of the home appeared impurities in the water belongs to one example, the water can not determine the problem. When the problem had appeared, cutting a portion of pipeline quality testing, we found that there was a layer of green material adhering to the inner wall of the pipe, it is not clear how the formation, by the quality inspection departments detection, pipeline quality and there is no problem. At present the water company has been linked cell, water quality sampling sampling by hand, if indeed plumbing problems will replace the pipe. Tim net water purification equipment to remind you that the water in the factory, will go through a long pipeline into the home, there is the use of high-rise district secondary water supply tank, Which may result in secondary pollution of water, affecting the water quality of tap water. There are a lot of open water users have redness or some sediment in the morning, which indicates that the water has been secondary pollution. In order to protect users and prevent water quality changes, Tim net water purification equipment suggest that you install the water purifier, to avoid affecting household water!

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