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   Statistics show that in 1999 the market volume of my countrys water purifier 600 million units in 2000 to 10 million units in 2003, sales have been in the market since about 2000 million units.

   market monitoring report shows that in 1993 a total of 67 water purification company in 2000 had already reached 107. According to incomplete statistics, my country has about 200 water dispenser manufacturers, there are still some companies are actively trying to join the ranks of drinking manufacturers.



   due to the stimulation of profit, making disorderly and vicious competition within the industry intensified, the State Administration of Quality Supervision latest bottled drinking water checks pass rate of only 65.2%. Coupled dispenser products easily imitable, but also makes the whole industry in the unrest and turmoil in the front row.

   secondary pollution of the water purifier easily

   The water purifier market is generally divided into the following types: general filtration, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange resins and the like; typically filtered using such as gravel or sponge like filter to remove solid unclean water; activated carbon filter is the main purpose of the dissolved organics and residual chlorine was removed; reverse osmosis can remove all kinds of impurities, the conductivity of the water producing less; the ion-exchange resin removable hardness (calcium and magnesium); hotbed these water purifiers are often the growth of microorganisms, so that the water purifier water often contains a high number of bacteria, and therefore must be periodically cleaned, replaced or regenerated filter.

   water purifier industry confusion

   According to experts, because of low barriers to entry water purifier, coupled with the stimulation profits, many small industries can be directly put into production, a direct consequence of It is the product quite a mixed bag, the market price war. Some small enterprises in order to gain market share, free to drive down market prices, leading to low quality water purifier is still sold on the market. Reporters found on the market: the same kind of function product identification code was not the same, it is difficult for consumers to understand the product performance from the model.

   vicious competition to speed up the introduction of standard

   began five years, from Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries the rise also began to drink straight set off a new revolution in the drinking water market.

   drink straight and direct drinking water pipeline system, although the same is for the end userProvide healthy drinking water, but its product mix and operational means are quite different. To drink straight image of argument, equivalent to Wahaha, Robust large factories and other enterprises small, terminal, family oriented, shaped like everyday drinking, but the technology is complex, set of activated carbon, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, ultraviolet disinfection, the RO membrane filtration techniques in a multiple, as long as the consumer drinking straight water pipe is directly connected to, a series of steps to complete the treatment within its plane, the final out of the pure water to drink , the current system is to drink, clean, fresh, health.

   The industry said that under the pressure of direct drink machine, water purifier industry must be out of this mess, and the only way is technological innovation.

   It is reported that, in order to avoid the deterioration of confusion within the industry, but also to regulate the industry standard drinking fountains, by the Beijing General Certification Center (CGC) at the end of last convened in Beijing China Institute of Metrology, the industry well-known experts and related enterprises jointly determine the uniform industry standard general water purifier. Zhansheng professor and director of Chinese Center for Disease Control Environment Agency Limbo Tsinghua University in an interview with reporters said that this standard will soon be introduced.

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