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   water pollution, healthy drinking water to the public consumption consensus

   With my countrys rapid economic development, natural water has been polluted to varying degrees. Data show that 90% of urban groundwater have been contaminated with organic and inorganic contaminants; after 50% of the water was tested to failure.

   frequent water pollution incidents attention and thinking of the masses to lead to healthy drinking water, and water purification market development in recent years, more and more accepted by the public water purifiers. The study also shows that the World Health Organization, enjoy healthy water is the most effective way to install a water purifier at the end of the municipal water supply pipe network, that household water terminal. Water purifier consumption thus become the family safe, healthy drinking water consumption consensus. In fact, the international high-end drinking water and water purification equipment crowded exhibition held in Guangzhou in September 2015, also indicates that the public health concerns of drinking water from the side.



   water purification equipment demand continued to rise, China water purifier market size of up to ten billion

   Compared with the traditional consumer electronics market becomes saturated, water purifier demand red soared all the way. According to the PRCs authoritative market research agency data show that from January to August 2015, the overall size of the domestic appliance 1 trillion, an increase of only 4.8%, water purifiers more than 41% of high growth abnormal eye-catching. In the past three years, the growth rate of Chinas water purification products were 64%, 75%, 69%, in 2014 the market size water purifier breakthrough 16 billion yuan, is the only major home appliances increased by more than 30% of the category.

   can be expected in the next ten to twenty years, most of the familys daily life drinking water are common features of different water purification achieved by a water purifier for drinking will become the Chinese terminal in the near future necessities and water treatment products of choice for millions of households.

   Matthew gradually appear, why take the enterprise by the wind

   market has great potential to attract many companies wind settled, "2015 China water industry consumer White Paper" shows that Chinas current production of water purification the company is about more than 3000, 40% of new business each year, and another 10% of business failures or change jobs. White Paper disclosed, the water purification market competition, the concept of flying false water purification, product homogeneity serious problems continue, a huge number of copycat water purifier is constantly eating away the water industry. Water purifier market will continue to remain inOf more than 40% growth, but Matthew gradually revealed, the better good, poor bigger difference, after the previous years reshuffle, expected in 2016 will be shuffled again.



   as fast encourage enterprises to seize the mental resources to consumers before a new round of branding pattern formation by Chinas largest private exhibition company (Zhenwei stock code: 834 316 ) hosted the fourth China international Exhibition of high-end drinking water and water purification equipment (HWE 2016) it will be held in September 2016 9-11 Guangzhou Fair pavilion. It is reported that in September last year the exhibition was successfully held in Guangzhou, gathered in a listed company Ho Chak water purification technology, Quan Jiabao, Smith, Ke Bangda in science and technology, health and other well-known large Korean companies can compete, over 10 million viewers in the organizers under the protection of databases and nearly 200 media propaganda, the audience of nearly 20,000 people, the enterprise image is greatly penetration.

   HWE 2016 as Chinas most professional high-end water and water purification equipment exhibition, will continue to play an exhibition platform for the integration advantages of resources to help companies achieve water purifier brand positioning strategy, the formation of the real market situation.

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