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  Use pre-pipe water purifier Note Author: Tim net water purification Views: 369 Published: 2017-10-9 9:40:47 pipe water purifier is attached to the mains at home purify tap water, it can rust and sediment retention, eggs and other bodies of particulate impurities, is truly universal water purifier. Right front pipe conduit purifier water purifier is less than 100 microns using a fine metal filter, it is mounted on the water pipe, the water can remove the harmful substances, small size, easy maintenance. Precautions purifier pipe 1, note that periodic sewage pipes through which water purifier fine filter, entrapping many impurities in the water, these impurities being retained in the pipe water purifier, a long time needs to be discharged periodically to prevent blocked impurity filter, effect of water flow. 2, note that some impurities regularly clean the screen attached to the metal filter, the filter hole blocked, it also greatly affected by the rate of water. Regular suspended under cover and metal mesh, metal impurities on the filter to clean out, to ensure the smooth flow of metal strainer. In addition, automatic pipe water purifier is also a good choice for consumers, Tim net water purifier produced automatic pre-pipe water purifier, you have a self-cleaning function, eliminating the cleaning forget the troubles.

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