Tim net water purification- Who pay for the health of oudrin

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  Tim net water purification: Who pay for the health of our drinking water? Author: Tim net water purification equipment Views: 644 Published: 2016-5-31 11:26:03 鎭噣鍑€姘达細璋佷负鎴戜滑鐨勯ギ鐢ㄦ按鍋ュ悍涔板崟锛? /> In China, water filtration sterilization standards already low, you can not drink tap water, plus water widely criticized, security can not be guaranteed, low domestic general assessment of drinking water. If a strip downstream river water plant, sewage treatment plant upstream exists, Tim net water purification equipment Xiao Bian hard to imagine that after such entry can boil tap water if? Located next to the water flow Suiyun River is responsible for water supply Zhuliao Town, Baiyun District, Zhongluotan, Taihe Town and other places for 300,000 people, but in June 2010 about a kilometer upstream of the place, built Taiping town, a sewage treatment plant, although the region discharge of sewage mess alleviate the problem, but the sewage treatment plant outfalls cause a significant threat to drinking water sources, Suiyun waterworks water quality standards is difficult to stabilize. Ranking reason in the downstream water plants case, one kilometer upstream position is still to build a sewage treatment plant, the construction side to avoid legal obstacles drinking water source protection areas, specially the outfall shifted away eastward one kilometer, making it legalized, but pose a threat to drinking water sources and even a direct impact on the downstream. Suiyun water investigation and believes that its water quality standards can not be stable and sewage treatment plants are directly related. The relevant statement, sewage treatment plants: in strict accordance with the requirements of our emissions Southern reporter went to the town of Taiping sewage treatment plant to understand the situation, the responsible person politely declined an interview. But the staff members told reporters, did receive notice of higher authorities, but also the relevant departments to coordinate many times, but they are only responsible for operations, beginning of the construction is not what they are. Currently the sewage treatment plant is in strict accordance with the requirements, to meet emission standards two Bs,

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