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After years of development, Chinas household water purification industry has gradually grown, but in the process crowded, the survival of the fittest is the law of nature, water coolers and bottled water this "gold partner "pinned safety and cost, and ultimately be better household water purifiers replaced. Comply with the timing, water purifier to use the current system, the current system is to drink as well as the use of low-cost advantages, truly represents the development direction of "water appliances" industry.

   with the people on the continuous improvement of quality of life, the quality of drinking water has become the focus of attention now, and has become the new home water purifier products by consumers pay close attention to the market. Data show that in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea and other household water purifier penetration rate in developed countries and regions, up to 70 percent more water purifier penetration rate in our country is not to five per cent in recent years to keep our home water purifier rapid growth, has a huge market space and development potential.

   for the Chinese market, home water purifier is a relatively new product, as more and more cross-industry brands to enter the water purification industry, Chinas water purifier brand more than five thousand large and small a water purifier industry has the potential burn fuel, water purifiers starting in 2008, with sales of more than 50% annual rate of rapid increase, indicating that the majority of consumers strong demand for household water purifier.

   However, we see business opportunities, but also to see which brand of fierce competition. As agents, select the agent a well-known brand, the price system transparent, mature sales channels, agents coming hard to get a share; and selecting agents second and third tier brands are faced with quality, after-sales, marketing system due to imperfect the risk of not predict. Faced with such fierce competition in the market, if there is no channel advantages, product differentiation advantages, water purification agents franchisees how to obtain populations everywhere in the market competition to survive and develop it?

   small series of water purification the agents, franchisees conducted in-depth market research, a water purifier Zhoukou agents chor shared the secret of his agent water purifier: water heater to seize market opportunities, we have to first occupation of thinking the highest territory, conduct a comprehensive analysis, of which there are three tips: "steady, accurate and fast."

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