Target population circles of water purifiersreciseositioning

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   at all times, there are places where people will certainly separate the circle, the so-called "feather flock together, people in groups." With the continuous development of social economy and social pluralism speed up the process, the circle is becoming more evident, consumers are slowly according to different habits, hobbies, form a circle, the circle of existence has become a way of life of the people of this era status. Then the future of the water purifier market, companies not only to follow the development trend of the times to identify the needs of the individual differences, "circle", the products will be differentiated, the ultimate technology, online and offline go hand in hand to win the market.




of the target population of the water purifier business circles precise positioning to win market (Photo from Internet)

   The precise positioning of the target population of consumers "circle" of

   who used to be big cries, the more people who Tanqian. But the age of the Internet, is not crying a few times will be able to attract consumers to come to the front. On the Internet, different hobbies, interests, occupations get together, we have formed a different exchange circles. Water purifier enterprises should identify the circle, to launch their products. For example, many people will be renovated on the Internet gathered to form their own communication circles. Enterprises should identify this circle, this kind of contact with people, so more or less as a water purifier brand needs people understand it, can really boost sales.

   attention to user experience products will be differentiated, the ultimate of

   Faced with this trend, water purifier business development should be done in the way of product differentiation, the ultimate technology. Once the Chinese market, who who will be able to lord it over the product, because the product was extremely scarce, there are products on behalf of all. But with the improvement of the technological level of production has gradually is not a problem, this time, the people in the choice of products when looking at the brand. Therefore, brand building has become a very focused business, to itself as a household name become the target of many enterprises. And now with only products and brands is not enough, because a good product after another, while the brand battle has intensified. Now people pay more attention to the experience, a good experience is a prerequisite for purchase. Before the news, surely we have heard: Chinese people travel to Japan, Japans buying toilet lid. Why Japan than domestic toilet lid toilet lid to sell it, because Japanese products fully taken into account when people use the toilet lid of theExperience, the product to achieve the ultimate, natural greatly welcomed by the people.

   combine online and offline two channels grasping

   2015 further interpretation of market changes, from a simple line into the way online and offline combination of the line, two grasping channels. Therefore, for the water purification industry, O2O way to becoming the hottest way, not one. Although there are many companies have not yet begun to take significant action, but can be seen from the dealers, the new release of the enterprise, companies increasingly focus on the combination of the Internet. For simple online operation, for water purification industry as a whole, there are still many limitations, and online and offline ways to meet the complex needs of the development of water purification industry. Both intimate contact with the Internet, but not limited transportation line, so the development of the water purifier 2015 is a combination of online and offline.

   In addition, in 2015, a lot of water purifier companies are beginning to cooperate with the big Internet cafes, online and offline two-pronged approach to achieve branding and marketing to promote the two-pronged, who ignored one point, one might argue in competition on the way further and further into decline.

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