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   Lynx platform to usher in the outbreak of small appliances, 1 minute sales break billion, sales of over four minutes last one hour; Jingdong half hour fresh sales of about 2,000 tons of fresh products, three minutes to sell 860,000 crayfish ; orders the first hour Suning Tesco increased by 215%; Netease koala had only 101 minutes to break the first day of last years value ......

   "618" shopping activity is in full swing, each consumer appliance business platform data to new highs. This and the "double 11" parallel network Shopping Festival is not only an important window for China to observe the consumption of new wind direction, more a reflection of Chinas economic vitality abundant reserves.


   great potential local "counter-attack" to "new favorite"

   China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 43rd "China Internet Development statistics report "shows that as of December 2018, Chinas online shopping users reached 610 million. Vast network of consumer groups not only represent a huge market potential, but also reflects the changes in endogenous consumption in China. During the

   this year, "618", domestic brands collectively "counter-attack", ushered in the explosive growth, as consumers shopping cart "favorite."

   Shenzhen Zhao in a single online a Huawei phone, color is red under net "red tea, orange." "Todays high-quality domestic products, but also getting more and more design sense, a high price, I would be more inclined to choose when shopping domestic brands." She said. Behind the individual consumer behavior

  , it is the choice of hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers change. From Made in China to Created in China, Chinese design, domestic brands are being more and more recognized by consumers.

   statistics show, "618" period, the Lynx platform, "one hundred million yuan club" brands, domestic brands over Liucheng; Suning Tesco intelligent Coldplay products TOP5 brand sales were small degree, millet Suning small Biu, Yeelight, deer passengers, all domestic brands.

   Ministry of Commerce Circulation Industry Promotion Center Director of the modern service industry at Frances Chan said that in recent years, domestic products and quality and innovation, consumer awareness and trust of domestic products has been increasing, coupled with the emotional resonance of the local culture , future consumption from the "Westernization" return "localization" will become a major new trend.


   line + line "fancy dressService "aimed at the consumer a new blue ocean

   online and offline depth of interaction, this years" 618 "electronic business platform, there has been a lot of" new ways. "

   Suning held" Lobster Beer Festival "and a series of activities under the line, combined with online marketing, two-pronged approach to activate the summer consumption and some electronic business platform with the APP store traffic to get through the line, consumers receive online coupons, online stores can enjoy "618" offer benefits .

   in physical goods, services, commodities markets are becoming consumer electronic business platform aimed at new blue ocean in comparison.

   in cooperation with the health services area businesses, Jingdong health in the "618" during the passage of the National more than 5,000 lines at the store, to provide consumers with medical, dental, maternity, massage and other health care services; Suning launched the "1-hour service circle", focused on real-life community service, mail collection and delivery flagship, appliance repair cleaning two core businesses.

   "in the future, retail activities will be integrated into life. Space-time interval of different scenarios is broken, fixed boundary industry will gradually disappear. "Jingdong retail group rotating CEO Xu Lei said.

   China International Trade Research Institute of the Ministry of Trade Promotion Director Zhao Ping said the market continued to increase prosperity and enterprise innovation, accelerate the pace of integration of online and offline are directly related. Electricity supplier platform for innovative services, will further stimulate consumption potential services market.

   market sinking "small town youth" into the new main consumption

   during this years "618", the major electricity supplier platform sinking market "pink circle" numerous, from basic necessities to entertainment, "young town" from the four-tier cities, a new main force of consumption.

   in fact, in recent years, electronic business platform has been trying on new social services, the use of micro-channel entrance flow and other social media, with a touch of rapid social fission consumer groups, the market sank to a four-tier cities and rural areas.

   Lynx data show that 6 May 16 throughout the day, volume three to five lines of urban users to contribute books, an increase of over 350% more than last year. in addition, electric toothbrushes, body fat scales, small refrigerator car and other products much "town youth" Welcome. [ 123]

   Jingdong appliances store data show that since June 1, rural residents to buy flat-panel TVs, 51% of 55-inch and above large-screen TV, full-screen TVSales more than doubled last year.

   fight a lot of data, 3C products in its sinking market orders up by over a second-tier cities, more physical orders from third-tier cities the following consumer, and agricultural products are more orders come from a Second-tier cities.

   Analysts believe that electronic business platform to accelerate the penetration tier cities and rural areas, to help businesses seize the incremental market, "small town youth" strong purchasing power, but also demonstrates the current domestic market booming consumer demand and strong growth momentum.

   "quality consumption" Forced manufacturing and quality and upgrade

   in the past whether it is "double 11" or "618", the enthusiasm of more people in the "grab explosion models" and "bargain "on. When todays consumers are placing an order, not just stare at the price, but the pursuit of high quality, cost-effective "tip goods."

   traditional down jacket Bosideng brand has deep feelings. In Bosideng Group Finance Director Zhu Gaofeng, it seems, to brand them, we must innovate. "With the Down to enhance the fashion, the transition from a single consumer demands to experience warm appeal. Bosideng pioneered the use of the worlds top quality down, in design, in collaboration with a number of well-known designers, integrating global design power to bring consumers a new experience. "

   Bosideng just a microcosm of the transformation of many enterprises. Consumers pursuit of quality is being constantly upgraded manufacturing Forced to upgrade.

   Netease carefully selected, Beijing, Tokyo made, Suning very next thing ...... consumption upgrade trend, a number of the main "Wumart excellent price model" of the new electronic business platform came into being. Screening optimal cost of goods, direct factory and users, so that consumers spend less money and time, live a better life. Forced manufacturing and quality and consumer upgrades, upgrading the manufacturing sector will further accelerate the upgrading of consumption. By consumption data mining, manufacturing can reverse the traditional custom, the realization of on demand, the promotion of social production, large-scale customized to lean direction of change.

   (article Source: Xinhua, invasion deleted)

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